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Jul 21, 2013 08:16 AM

Best Lobstah Roll Cape Cod Summah 2013?

Where are folks finding the best lobster rolls this season? Sesuit Cafe has failed miserably in portion size several times this summer. Need my fix end of August. Am doing a lobster roll crawl with my foodie friend and we are planning the route. Thanks

Mid Cape to Lower Cape all the way to P Town.....

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  1. My vote is Friendly Fisherman and Chatham Fish Pier Market. I prefer Chatham because you can spread a blanket and eat on the beach next to the parking lot.

    1. I had 3 lobster rolls on the Cape recently...
      The Raw Bar in Mashpee: stay away! Huge, but too much shredded lobster meat and zero flavor.
      Moby DIck's in Wellfleet: decent size, lots of flavor, little to no shredded meat.
      Friendly Fisherman: $18, good size, lots of tail meat, claws and knuckles (yum), fresh and full of flavor. My recent favorite.

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        thanks all..I know this goes without saying but I am seeking reviews from this summer please..thanks SOOO the idea about the fish pier..never had a roll there,..MD in 'Fleet was good in the past but a tad bit tourista for me...of course I won't be going until Sept. really..CCG shared the meat at Raw Bar is frozen, hence, no flavour.

        Is FF BYOB, please? I cannot recall..

        1. re: phelana

          Friendly Fisherman is BYOB...there is a little package store right next to it. They even have an opener for you if you ask...

          My 3 lobster rolls were eaten within the past 2 weeks...fwiw!

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            My opinion is also based on recent experience from this season. I don't tend to eat too many lobster rolls out as it's so easy to make one at home to my liking and I can get double the size for the same $$$ if homemade. That said, when company HAS to have fried seafood and I want to eat a bit cleaner, the lobstah is the way to go! (And Ann, I've avoided doing so at Sesuit due to your reports. Thanks)

            1. re: CapeCodGuy

              CCG, Jillian went to Sesuit this week and had good sized daughter has been going weekly and continues to have mediocre size portions..go figure..she loves the lobster Caesar and it's her go to spot to bring out of town friends...Sesuit always been inconsistent IMHO BUT the views are amazing, BYOB and solid raw bar.

              Thanks for the updates..

        2. 2 at Chatham Fish Pier last month both beat Sesuit by quite a bit.

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          1. re: L2k

            well, it's going to be Chatham Fish Pier for sure..please, if you can inform me, I am in the Caribbean for 4 more week; do I go to the fish market at the pier and it's take out right? Hours?

            Thanks all

            1. re: phelana

              Yes. Take-out only. Best to call off-season for hours I would think. I hear they are now doing sushi now, too No idea how good it is.