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some help please finding peking duck in the Baltimore area..

I recently visited Boston and had amazing peking duck up there in their chinatown area.. Can anyone recommend a restaurant in the Baltimore area that I could get this? I live in northern AA county.. so the closer the better, though I am willing to travel.. thank you..

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  1. There are two top o' the mark duck houses in N. Va., Peking Gourmet near Bailey's Crossroads and Duck Chang's in Annandale. Those are my traditional choices when I get the hankering. I don't want a duck that's been hanging under a lamp. I want it right out of the oven, carved and served table-side by a pro.

    As far as Balt., AA and HoCo MD, I don't know of any that specialize in Peking duck. Grace Garden in Odenton has a tea-smoked duck that must be ordered a few days in advance. It's possible they might prepare you a duck Peking-style. Other than that, I would concentrate my search in the Ellicott City area. You might have some luck there.

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      "There are two top o' the mark duck houses in N. Va.... "
      Three if you include Mark's Duck House.

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        I like Mark's, just not especially for the duck.

    2. Szechuan House on York Road.

      1. I had Peking Duck at Hunan Manor in Columbia

        1. I haven't had the crispy roasted duck from Hunan Taste in Catonsville, but everything else I've eaten from there is pretty authentic and delicious.

          1. http://eastwestbistro.net/

            I'm in Arnold. East West has become one of my favorite spots. My wife has ordered the Peking duck a number of times and it is always awfully good. She's nearly stabbed me with a fork protecting the crispy skin.

            Pat Sajak eats there, so how could it be bad?

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                Dunno, but there are several newspaper articles featuring him in relation to the restaurant on display.

                For what it's worth I've also been waiting for a pizza at a local pizza hut, when all work stopped because Pat's wife came in to pick up a pie.

            1. I havent had the Peking duck at Hunan Taste but have had the smoked duck. It is delicious and I am sure they would do Peking duck well as well. Also, Grace Garden does a couple special duck dishes call ahead.

              1. I haven't been to Joey Chiu's at the Greenspring Station in quite some time--but years ago had a delectable, traditional Peking duck dinner. It was served with all of the appropriate sides/servings. Can't really say that it is the authentic way of serving the duck, but it was quite wonderful--great service and lovely atmosphere.

                I feel certain that knowledgable Chowhounders will correct me if I am wrong and make appropriate suggestions. FoiGras

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                  I'm totally confused by your comment. How do you know the duck was served with the "appropriate sides/servings" if you don't know the "authentic" way peking duck is served? I spent two months in China and several weeks in Beijing, and had several ducks, so I'm knowledgeable, but I can't chime in on your comment without more specific detail.

                  I remain yours (confused),
                  Mr Taster

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                    Thank you for your response. As I posted--I did not, nor do not, really know much with regards to authentic Peking duck. The people I dined with on that occasion had been to the Far East and commented on the Peking duck as being "authentic," All I remember is that the meal was delicious.

                    So sorry that I can't be more specific, but it was many years ago. I'm sure that the duck was nothing compared to what you've experienced in China and Beijing. I appreciate your input and perhaps you can refer me to a local restaurant that prepares Peking duck comparable to what you've had. FoiGras