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Jul 21, 2013 06:11 AM

Looking for some new good restaurants in Aruba

Staying at the Marriott time share - we have been to Aruba many times and want to see what everyone's favorite places are and if there is anything new worth trying - many of the places are just mediocre!

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  1. When we were there iin November on a cruise, we were planning on stopping at Gostoso's on Dr Odurber Straat. Local cusine recommended by locals. Unfortunately, we were having too much fun on a snorkeling excursion and didn't make it back in time. Also hear that Barefoot Restaurant on Nikky Beach is excellent for finer dining n a beach.

    1. We just got back yesterday. We had 2 16 year old boys with us so that ruled out some old favorites - Papiamento, Screaming Eagle, etc. Here's where we went:

      Chalet Suisse (2 times) - Always love their food and the kids voted to return the 2nd time.
      Azzuro in Playa Linda - great Italian with a good sunset view.
      Water's Edge at Costa Linda - wow! Right on the beach with very good food.
      Barefoot - we ate on the sand at the edge of the water - kids ran to watch the planes fly over them. Big hit!
      El Guacho - of course!
      Texas de Brazil - what can I say always - 16 yr. olds can really eat lol!
      And of course Casa Tua.

      1. We just booked our 4th trip to Aruba and I can't wait to go back! Some of our favorite places are:
        Carte Blanche (book early - well worth the wait!)
        Madame Jeanette's
        El Gaucho
        Wacky Wahoos
        Linda's - great breakfast spot
        Smokey Joes
        Fishes and More

        Matthew's - on our list to try this year - ribs and brunch are supposed to be good

        Always looking for somewhere new to try!

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          We liked the Matthew's brunch very much, it is unlimited but you order each dish off the menu, they will bring you anything you want but the wait between dishes can be long. I enjoyed it becuase I tried things I would not normally order.We also got the all you can drink mimosas which was fun! great way to while away the morning beachside!