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Jul 21, 2013 05:11 AM

Shirataki Noodles Hamilton Area?

Hey guys, I've been looking for shirataki noodles, preferably without the tofu in them. I've been to a few asian marts in Hamilton but can never find them. I know Goodness Me sells them but they have the kind with tofu. Anyone have any idea where I could get the plain ones in Hamilton/Burlington area?


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  1. I'm really sorry but the best I can think of is The T N T market in Mississauga if you ever travel in that direction. Also Whole Foods (Oakville or Mississauga) but phone first as not all WHole Foods have them in stock all the time.

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      Whole Foods has it in Mississauga for sure (in the Asian foods section/aisle). The Oakville location doesn't carry it so you'll have to travel a little farther east to Mississauga unfortunately...

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        1. Old thread I know but I picked some up on my way to Montreal the other week and I finally got a chance to try them and really liked them. They were expensive at the shop I got them from (over $4 a package) but I looekd up on Miracle Noodles website and see that Organic Garage in Oakville is carrying them. Worth while giving them a call.

          More of a general question but do people know the cheapest source for them around GTA? I would like to buy some more.

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            I've found them cheaper at Sanko than at health food stores.

          2. Portchop - I am not sure if Oakville is too far, but they have them at Organic Garage and Whole Foods. I am from Niagara area and I get them at both an Asian food mart and in some (but not all) of the health food stores.

            Are you looking in the fridge section? Sometimes that is where they are (sometimes not). And sometimes they are in little cube containers instead of bags (at the Asian mart).