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Jul 21, 2013 01:19 AM

Wine Kitchen at 507 Divisadero [San Francisco]

It's a Saturday night and I'm on a bar stool flirting with my honey, channeling Sam Cooke's 'Another Saturday Night' at Wine Kitchen with another birthday hovering around the corner.
checklist: wines: interesting; small plates: excellent; service: just right

Greg and Jason have their street creds and feed you well with lovingly presented small plate selections:
English Peas, Snap Peas, Watermelon Radish, Ricotta, Ginger, Mint $9
Sliced Beef Tongue, Horseradish/Antipasti $9
Gnocchi, Corn, Cherry Tomato, Almonds, Pecorino $13
Pork Belly, Shelling Beans, Wax Beans, Tamarind, Fresno Chile $13
Orange Chocolate Pudding, Nut Streusel, Espresso Creme Fraiche $8

After last night's "Foodies! The Musical" at the Shelton Theater, I'm only hesitating to add to WK's small plate details and become a cliché. Get 1/2 price tickets on Goldstar and lol.
Yes, WK does delight with its kitchen nuances and pleases with colors, flavors, textures on its plates. No ennui here, it's rather playful and your tongue will thank you.

Local wine on tap tasting: 2011 Sauvignon Blanc, Margerum, Happy Canyon $10 and 2011 Sangiovese, Giornaata, Central Coast $10 - good pours of good wines/well-balanced in good stemware

here's an added note on the SB:

Wine for retail - 25% off
Happy Hour: 4:30 pm ~ 6 pm; open daily

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  1. Nice. Featured on the weekend's Chow blog:

    Anyone else tried it?

    1. The saga of good food and wine continues at Wine Kitchen:
      Curried Cauliflower Puffs $6
      hot damn yum! these crisp deep-fried delights burst with cauliflower puree
      Chanterelle Mousse/Chanterelle Escabeche, Cress, Grilled Levain $11
      just smear this on my face; pate-bread-marinated mushroom
      Sweetbreads $13
      spicy with Sriracha this is beer-paired, we loved the bold flavor and meltingly rich tender deep-fried sweetbreads with aioli/crunchy carrot and radish
      Black Cod/Salsify/Roasted Fennel/Grapefruit-Olive Salsa $14
      two perfectly cooked pieces of silky black cod on top of a treasure trove of roasted veggies and olive salsa makes me linger over each forkful
      Braised Lamb, Bulgur, Apple/Celeriac, Hazelnut, Miso $12
      long-cooked and tender the complex deep flavors of the braised lamb are lifted by the julienned apple and celeriac and hazelnut gems while bulgur grains are bubbles of richness

      2012 Grüner Veltliner, Hiedler, Kamptal $13
      paired well with the black cod; nicely crisp and full-bodied
      2011 Grenache Blend, Domaine du Joncier, Lirac $12
      wonderfully fruity, rich, both earthy and herbal - I really enjoyed this wine
      2012 Carignan, Broc, Alexander Valley $11
      local wine on tap; good table wine, medium-bodied but one-dimensional

      Another birthday post: It's an easy walk from home, we can drink and not drive and a plus for us... no driving around searching for parking. Staying in the nabe on a Sunday night is eating local.

      1. Wine Kitchen continues to please us with excellent wine pours and complex tasting notes: '13 Cabernet/Merlot, Harrington, WK Exclusive Blend; nicely balanced, good fruit, blended for Wine Kitchen and recommended. I did not taste the '12 Malbec/Georges Vigouroux, Cahors or the '11 Tempranillo/Vina Ijalba, Rioja - our friends enjoyed these wines. This is a thoughtful wine list to be appreciated.
        I opted for a glass of the Anderson Valley 'Wild Turkey' Bourbon Barrel Stout with frothy rich head and a light malt finish. I like it.
        Crispy Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives $4 (devoured before pix) crisp with a mellow saltiness
        Chicken Liver Pate with Fruit Gelee/Grainy Mustard and Grilled Levain $8 - generous portion; rich and creamy
        Bacon Jam, Egg Salad, Fresno Chiles with Grilled Levain $8 - bacon! egg! toast! better than cornflakes for breakfast any morning (afternoon or evening, too)
        Plates: available optional wine pairing for each
        Artichoke, Chickpea, Fava Leaf, Charmoula Broth, Carrot Yogurt, Mint $13 - my favorite plate - a visual feast with explosive bites of color-texture-tastes
        Hamachi Crudo, Avocado puree, Meyer Lemon Salsa, Basil pesto, Peanuts for crunch $10 - I wish this was served before the Artichoke cazuela, the loveliness of the subtle flavors paled as it followed the bold components of the Charmoula broth.
        Duck Confit Spanakopita, Mizuna, Black Garlic, Pickled Cherries $13 - the flakiness of the filo shattered with each bite of the duck confit a lick of pickled cherry
        Sweetbreads, English Pea & Almond Pesto, Beech Mushrooms, Saba $15 - this delights my palate with imagination - it is a symphony. The sweetbreads are perfectly meltingly tender morsels refreshed with the English Pea & Almond Pesto.