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Jul 21, 2013 12:34 AM

Mi's Italian Bistro, Kona coast

We've been on the island a week now, and this is the best dining we've had, hands down.

About ten miles south of Kailua Town, in Kealakekua, in a little storefront in a small row of typical Hawaiian storefronts, Morgan and Ingrid (the M and I of Mi's) have created a sweet little oasis. There are certainly some fancier restaurants on this side of the island, but Mi's is not lacking in any sense. It's very tastefully and comfortably set up, and immediately welcoming when you walk in.

The bruschetta changes daily. Tonight it was a creamy, cheesy, herby spread containing some eggplant, spread on crostinis of their housemade bread (they make their breads and pastas in house) with slices of cucumber and tomato on top. A definite winner. My wife had the pumpkin soup, which she liked: hearty and light at the same time, not overly creamy. Winner number two.

We shared two entrees: the crab manicotti and a special of cubed ono, rolled in herbs and sauteed in a meyer lemon sauce, served over linguini. Two very different dishes, both wonderful.

Save room for the Tiramisu. And I won't say that about any other Tiramisu I've ever had.

The wine list is excellent. Value for price is also very good, in both the food and the wines.

Do I sound enthusiastic? Let's just say that if they opened this same exact restaurant in San Francisco it would immediately go into our top ten, maybe our top five. We're only on the island a couple more days, and we're already scheming on how we can get back here for another dinner. There were a half dozen other dishes on the menu that were calling out to us.

Do yourself a favor.

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  1. We love Mi's! Great food, great husband and wife team running it. A hidden gem on the Big Island...right there with Rapa Nui Island Cafe.

    1. Totally agree! We found Mi's last year and ate there three times in two weeks. The soups were always delicious, as was everything else we had.
      WIll be in Kona again in teo weeks and looking forward to it.
      Rapanui is also a real gem.