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Jul 21, 2013 12:25 AM

Recommendations in Bellevue for Lunch

Any recommendations for lunch in Bellevue?

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    1. Facing East
      Bamboo Garden

      1. Ditto on Bamboo Garden and Facing East. Those are my two favorites.

        Din Tai Fung if you have the time to wait.

        Lot No. 3 for a hearty non-asian lunch with good cocktails

        Tap House Grill for better than average bar & grill food with a great beer list.

        Moksha (Indian at Bellevue Square) is pretty good for lunch too with the Thalis

          1. Bis on Main for the lucky on expense reports. Same for Daniels....

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            1. re: firecracker

              I've been off Daniels recently. Great view, but the food is officially lacking.

              I used to love their daily special prime rib sandwich, but Joey's downstairs from there now makes one of the most delicious beef sandwiches (in the guise of a french dip) that I've had.

              For food in the steakhouse realm in Bellevue, I'm definitely choosing John Howie over Daniel's these days.