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Recommendations in Bellevue for Lunch

Any recommendations for lunch in Bellevue?

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    1. Facing East
      Bamboo Garden

      1. Ditto on Bamboo Garden and Facing East. Those are my two favorites.

        Din Tai Fung if you have the time to wait.

        Lot No. 3 for a hearty non-asian lunch with good cocktails

        Tap House Grill for better than average bar & grill food with a great beer list.

        Moksha (Indian at Bellevue Square) is pretty good for lunch too with the Thalis

          1. Bis on Main for the lucky on expense reports. Same for Daniels....

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              I've been off Daniels recently. Great view, but the food is officially lacking.

              I used to love their daily special prime rib sandwich, but Joey's downstairs from there now makes one of the most delicious beef sandwiches (in the guise of a french dip) that I've had.

              For food in the steakhouse realm in Bellevue, I'm definitely choosing John Howie over Daniel's these days.

            2. Some others that haven't been mentioned from the downtown core area. From cheapest/least fancy to most expensive:

              Rice & Spice (a little take out Thai place just north of the Downtown core. Currys are good. The "Zion Chicken" is great. Solid prices)

              Garlic Crush (Good gyros/shwarma/souvlaki, but love the meat plate)

              Koral (they're actually doing some interesting things. They're aspirationally Seattle in what they're trying. For example, I don't know anyone else in Bellevue that would try putting bone marrow on their menu)

              Monsoon East

              Joey's (recently back on my list. As I wrote below, their french dip is my new favorite lunch in Bellevue, but it's $17...)

              John Howie (Still a winner. every few months they intro a new sandwich that's usually great. And their bacon cheeseburger is a great standby. Hell, I'd probably love it just for the free gougeres)

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                Also, the parking lot of the old Circuit City on 106th (now a Mars Hill Church) has become a daily food truck area.

                Monday is Snout & Co.
                Tuesdays is Fez
                Wednesday is Where Ya At Matt
                Thursday is Skillet
                And I'm not sure what's there on Friday now.

              2. Bellevue covers a pretty wide area...I'll mention some others outside of the downtown core area.

                Spiced for Sichuan
                Sushi Maru for upscale-ish kaiten sushi
                Mayuri - Indian
                Spice Route - Indian
                Mon Ga for Taiwanese
                Little Garden for Hunan and Sichuan
                Joi's for dim sum
                Top Gun for dim sum
                Taqueria los chilangos
                Taqueria el rinconsito

                If the temperature ever gets below 70 anytime soon:
                Little Fat Sheep for Chinese hot pot
                Swish Swish for Chinese hot pot

                1. Appreciate all the recommendations.