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Most interesting chocolate covered item?

I recently came across a Lindt's chocolate bar with wasabi in it. I love wasabi in small portions but I figured chocolate makes everything better so give it a try right?

It's actually really good! The right amount of spice, saltiness and chocolate of course.

What's the most interesting chocolate cover item you've come across?

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  1. I had Coco Sala's chocolate mac and cheese a year or so ago. Sounded odd but ended up tasting really good.

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      CHocolate mac and cheese huh? What's the ratio of chocolate to mac & cheese?

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        The chocolate was definitely in a smaller quantity than the mac and cheese but enough that I could taste it.

    2. Bacon. Bacon also makes everything better, so....

      1. Interesting good or bad? After travelling in Asia, interesting is not always a good thing ... Chocolate covered tarantula in Vietnam made me run in the opposite direction.

        In the same trip, there were 2 pleasant interesting chocolate experiences. The first was chocolate covered ginseng candy. It was Chopped and grounded ginseng in a chewy base... The bitterness of the root was a sharp contrast to the milk chocolate.

        The other one was a lovely white chocolate green tea ganache with candied ginger jam enrobed in a dark chocolate. This was in Tokyo at a super expensive chocolatier.

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            With a really nice high cacao (60-70%) chocolate, this is disturbingly addctive.

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              So true...so true (addictive!)

          2. Chocolate covered potato chips!

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              These are not allowed in the house unless company is coming!

              1. Small cubes of foie gras covered in dark chocolate were served at a Belgian beer event I went to in SF some years back. Really pinned the weird meter, but turned out to be quite tasty.

                1. Not covered in chocolate, but I did have chocolate ravioli once. The dough was made with cocoa, and the filling was a slightly sweet ricotta with a little cinnamon. Drizzled with chocolate sauce and raspberry puree, garnished with mint and a chocolate covered strawberry. Delightful!

                  1. I grew up with and love chocolate gravy for breakfast. Poured over hot buttermilk biscuits, with bacon and eggs and grits. It all ends up covered in the chocolate gravy, and looks pretty terrible tbh, but it is delicious.

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                      O M G. Gravy though? What is the recipe? I MUST try this!

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                        Cacao's ghost chile pepper chocolates.

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                          Well, I don't really have a recipe, but it's easy. Melt a half a stick of butter in a cast iron skillet (my grandma would use lard). While the butter melts, mix together a cup of sugar, half a cup of cocoa powder, and about 2 Tablespoons flour. Whisk this into the butter mixture till it's as smoothly incorporated as you can get, then pour in milk, 2 cups or so (grandma used cream) until it's as thick as you would like it. I like it thinner rather than thicker,,so it runs all over the plate. Serve over hot split biscuits. That's it! Really good with salty bacon, sausage, eggs, etc.