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Jul 20, 2013 10:03 PM

food wars, part c- ballard bakeries, dessert NOT croissant

ok, so i've read all about the different bakeries that make croissants in ballard
but i need desserts for a pot luck dinner we are invited to
i like sweet stuff, but sounds like the hosts and their families would like something more fruity
mostly adults and a couple of kids, but i am told that the kids are not dessert hounds (go figure)

please help

mahalo (thanks) in advance

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  1. I fondly remember a delicious apricot tart with pastry cream from Besalu .

    1. Cafe Besalu makes succulent seasonal fruit tarts
      Irwins turns out pastries (blueberry muffin YES and fruit pies)
      These are pies, and sweet by nature, but feature fruit well.