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Jul 20, 2013 08:23 PM

Help- Restaurants in Paris- end of August

My daughter and I will be in Paris August 27- September 3. We are staying in an apartment on rue Dauphine in the 6th. We need recommendations of boulangeries, patesseries, bakeries, frommageries etc in that area since we want to picnic and eat in sometimes. Do you have any great chocolate places to recommend? We like Laudrees for pastries but would appreciate other recommendations.

We have a reservation for Spring one night. That should be special. We need your help with other reservations:

1) Septime- I checked their website and they are only taking reservations through August 1. Will they be closed in August? Someone had on CH that the reservations are normally 21 days out. We were thinking of a three course lunch. Do you recommend lunch or dinner? Is it the same menu?

2) What about Le Bistro Paul Bert? Is it still great? Do we need a reservation? If so, how much in advance should we get the reservation? Is the other Bistro 6 the same type of food, etc.

3) I also read in Bon Appetit about Chez George where Julia Childs ate. Is it overrated or a great old time Bistro?

4) We ate at the Yellow Taxi on Oberkampf the last time we were in Paris. Ober Sale on the same street also sounds interesting. Would you recommend either of them? Do we need reservations?

5) And then what everyone is talking about on the boards, Frenchies, Frenchies Bar, Le Comptoir du Relais, and Chateaubriand. I just can't decide whether to take a chance and go there. I can't get a reservation at Frenchies so we would have to stand in line for the bar.

6) Other places I am considering are Josephine Chez DuMont, Kitchen Galleries, and Le Dauphin. Someone on the boards suggested Cafe Constant. Is it an old time bistro?

As you can see, Spring and Septime are more modern type French restaurants. We were thinking of Chez George or La Bistro Paul Bert for the more traditional cusine. We like high and low but I have decided Guy Savoy is too expensive for this trip even though it was a lovely experience many years ago.

Any suggestions you have would be appreciated. Also if you know if any of these restaurants will be closed when we are there would be helpful. Someone on CH had said Ami Jean will be closed in August.

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  1. You will be in fair shape with the dates you plan. You can check out some of the restaurants that will be open here:
    One thing about your dates, there is an excitement and renewed enthusiasm at rentrée. Enjoy!

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    1. re: mangeur

      Thanks so much. It looks like Septime will be open when we are there since it is not list. Does rentree mean when the Parisiens return and the restaurants reopen?

      1. re: suzieq4

        When the Parsiens return and EVERYTHING reopens. :)

    2. I guess you mean Taxi Jaune (Yellow Taxi) on the rue Chapon in the Haut Marais. Oberkampf is the adjacent quartier. I'm a big fan of both Le Taxi Jaune and Ober-Salé (recently a rave review on Chowhound ... ). And yes, just a matter of courtesy to make rezzies... a few days before or even the day of is all that's needed. Probably no prob with walk-ins during the week but booking is much recommended at weekends anywhere in Paris

      Re August closures. It's a hassle we locals have to go through every year. There is just no comprehensive source of info re the fermetures annuelles and the only way to know for sure is to try and make a rezzie. Paris by Mouth, Cityvox and other websites can help but the info is spotty at best. But no need to fret. There is such an abundance of choice in Paris that even if your first choice is closed there are lots of others of equal or better quality that are open.

      Septime, I'm pretty sure it closes for the first 3 weeks of August. Unfortunately, the reservation system also seems to shut down at the same time. Or at least it did last year. So you might have to brave it out until 21 Aug or so before you can make a rezzie for end-Sep/ beg-Oct.

      Re old school bistros. My favourite is Chez Denise in Les Halles. A landmark left over from when Les Halles was the central food wholesale market... great vibe...and open till 5am!... sigh, closed on Sat and Sun ... but, hallelujah, its usual fermeture annuelle is from mid-July to mid-August. You can also try Le Petit Pascal on the rue Pascal in the 13th ... just a quick 6.40€ taxi ride from the rue Dauphine (or a lovely hop on the #27 bus from the Pont Neuf to Monge-Claude Bernard). Or the cheapish and very cheerful Les Pipos on the rue de la Montagne Ste-Geneviève/ rue de l'Ecole Polytechnique in the 5th. Although not exactly old-school but close enough, Café des Musées in the 3rd... a great favourite of Chowhounders... no fermeture annuelle and open on Sunday too... que demander de plus ?

      For me, Joséphine Chez Dumonet is a wee bit overhyped and expensive.

      Chateaubriand and its wine-bar offshoot Le Dauphin are for hard-core foodies (or hard-core trendies). I sense that they are probably not good choices for you. Both are very popular and very difficult to get a table.

      Frenchie bars à vins. Good but there are a few dozen other places just as good. And not in a terribly exciting (but rapidly improving) quartier.

      I much prefer the brighter and lighter Le 6 Paul Bert to the Bistro Paul Bert. But there are so many great choices in this area (the 12th and quartier Aligre) that you can't swing a cat without hitting a good resto. Eeny meeny miney moe (but since you will be in Paris it's "am, stram, gram...").

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      1. re: Parnassien

        "Chateaubriand and its wine-bar offshoot Le Dauphin are for hard-core foodies (or hard-core trendies). I sense that they are probably not good choices for you."

        Some of the best advice I have read for these two restaurants. I like them both but they are really challenging and if someone is just after a good feed after a day of museuming. I like them because I love variety in my dining.

        1. re: PhilD

          Rappelling off the last two posts, last visit Le Dauphin was serviceable but not more. Decent small plates, few complaints but no reason to fret for a table. We don't need to return.

          1. re: mangeur

            Thanks for all the good advice. I will check all these out. I am also going to try to get a rezzie at La Table d'Aki. Noticed on another post that Semilla is close by to rue Dauphine and sounds good. Any suggestions on either of these two restaurants?

            I think we will also try to go to Le 6 Paul Bert. What about Au Vieux Comptoir? I was thinking of Les Climats for Sunday brunch/lunch. Another old type restaurant I ate at a long time ago was Les Temps Des Cerises. Is that a good choice?

            I may try to get a rezzie at Septime for lunch since it sounds like a good deal. But dinner there would probably be divine. I am going to call there since the reservations are only through August 1 on the website. I hope I can get a time.
            As you can see too many great restaurants, not enough time. Any comments on these restaurants or other ideas would be appreciated.

            1. re: suzieq4

              Sure, (by my lights): 6 Paul Bert, Septime. Les Climats. Aki and Semilla way before Au Vieux Comptoir and Temps Des Cerises.
              Happy Eating!

              1. re: John Talbott

                Thanks - got a reservation at Semilla for the day we arrive. Have to wait until next week for Septime (they said I should call next week). Unfortunately, Aki's opens the day before we leave and we are going to the people who my daughter lived with for a lunch, which I imagine will be a substantial lunch.

                In your experience, if we reserved late, could we manage dinner at Aki? - 3 courses??

                1. re: suzieq4

                  Based on John Talbott's suggestions, I now have a reservation at Ze Gallerie. Also have Spring and Semilla. Hope to get a reservation next week for Septime. All of these are modern French and Ze is French-asian modern, I think. Is Z a Michelin one star?
                  So what should I get that is more old traditional cooking (but great of course) - Le Paul Bert or should I go with 6 Le Paul Bert? Is 6 Le Paul Bert modern cooking? No one has commented on Chez George. Is that too old school? And what about Ober Sale or Taxi Jaune? And then there is Josephine DuMont.

                  Les Climats interests me too for Sunday lunch since it sounds great, and is near Museum D'Orsay. (sp) Whoa, I am running out of dates since we are going to Reims, have a market and cooking class lunch, etc. But everything is shaping up very nicely thanks to all of you.

                  1. re: suzieq4

                    Is Z a Michelin one star?

                    So what should I get that is more old traditional cooking (but great of course) -
                    Le Paul Bert - sure
                    6 Le Paul Bert? Is 6 Le Paul Bert modern cooking? Yes
                    Chez George, which of the four?, I hope not the Pompidou or Porte Maillot or Opera, but the one on the rue du Mail, I have written about and think the new team resuscitates the old gem very nicely.
                    Josephine DuMont, If you've never done it, now is the time.

                    Les Climats interests me too for Sunday lunch since it sounds great, and is near Museum D'Orsay
                    It's great. esp in fine weather in the garden.

                    By me you've done well - with Spring and Semilla and Septime.

                    Have a wonderful visit.

                    1. re: John Talbott

                      Suzy, you will have trouble finding "Josephine DuMont," as the name is Josephine, Chez Dumonet. and it is my favorite place in Paris right now...

                  2. re: suzieq4

                    Aki is light, but dinner is carte blanche (a series of smallish courses), and he prefers reservations not past 9pm.

          2. re: Parnassien

            Had lunch at Cafe des Musees yesterday - they will be closed the first 3 weeks in August.

            1. re: manouche

              Thanks for update. How was the lunch?

              1. re: Parigi

                Thanks to all of you. Have to process all of this and figure out how many more of these restaurants I can fit in during our visit. Yes, Chez George on Rue Mail. I will read your review John.

                Probably will save Aki for another time since we are having the big lunch with my daughter's former family she lived with. And Aki is returning that day.

                1. re: suzieq4

                  Hi Again,

                  I have reservations at Semilla for dinner, Spring for dinner, and Ze Kitchen Galerie for lunch. I have not been successful with Septime since I called before the 21 day window for a lunch. They told me to call back. Now I am finding on their website, which has now opened up for August 27, that Septime only has dinner ressies on their website. I sent them an email trying to get the lunch reservation but they are on vacation so no response. Any ideas on how to get a lunch ressie for August 30?
                  Do I need to reserve far in advance for Les Climats?

                  You all are so helpful. Thanks so much.

                  1. re: suzieq4

                    "Do I need to reserve far in advance for Les Climats?" Not for lunch.

                    1. re: John Talbott


                      Do you think if I call on Aug 27, I can get a lunch reservation at Septime for Friday, August 30?. August 27 is rentree. Or can I call a free days earlier than that? Maybe they will be back.

                      1. re: suzieq4

                        I would say that Septime won't be back until the day it reopened, but I'll also bet you won't have a problem securing a reservation for lunch.

                        1. re: suzieq4

                          Do you think if I call on Aug 27, I can get a lunch reservation at Septime for Friday, August 30?."
                          I'm not sure; my experience, and I traditionally reenter just about August 22-23, is that places reopen softly while they stock up and sometimes are not open for lunch their first day - but they often have no message machines that are helpful, so I start calling until I connect (unlike Parnassien I don't have an expense account anymore but I have incredible phone access).
                          Now, I have a "back-to-the-future" idea - how about sending a letter, yes, a note by La Poste, and request a rez and the day of it call at 10h00 on?
                          Frinally, as I keep saying, if you cannot get into Septime, Frenchie, Spring or this month's NYT Flavor of the Month, just humm Gloria Gaynor.