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Jul 20, 2013 06:20 PM

Healhy restaurants in the Miami area?

My family is in Miami visiting family and I need to find a nice, healthier place to take the family for dinner. So preferably not a cafe... By healhy I mean not soaked in oils or fried, just dishes with healthier ingredients... Any suggestions? Thanks

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  1. Sardinia if you are going to sobe.

    1. I'm not sure what in particular rules out a "cafe," or even if the term really has much meaning as defining a particular type of restaurant (here, anyway). Some idea of what kind of cuisines you like would be useful. Also, narrowing it down some geographically would be helpful: where in Miami / Miami Beach will you be, will you have a car, etc.

      Anyhoo ...

      Canyon Ranch on the north end of Miami Beach (up near 71st Street) will certainly fit the bill. I've not eaten there recently but had a surprisingly good meal (for a place with calorie counts, fat content, etc. listed for each dish) a couple years ago.

      Mandolin Aegean Bistro near the Design District is solid for Greek / Mediterranean (and a great atmosphere if the weather isn't too hot, mostly outdoor seating).

      The Lido in the Standard Hotel is also a pretty healthy menu with a strong Mediterranean tilt (I've never eaten there, only looked at the menu, but have generally heard good things).

      But there are plenty of other options depending on what you like, and what you order - i.e. sushi is usually a healthy option, and there are lots of places with plenty of great dishes that aren't fried or soaked in oil, if you simply choose not to order the things that are fried or soaked in oil. For instance, Michael's Genuine always has fish & chicken roasted in the wood burning oven and several vegetable dishes; at Bazaar there are plenty of lighter dishes you can order - but I don't think anyone would necessarily think to call these "healthy restaurants."