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Jul 20, 2013 05:24 PM

Any of you ever travel to Santa's Village? Did you eat??

I posted on the Northern New England board but it seems sort of slow. I have searched high and low but am coming up with nada in terms of dinner establishments near Jefferson, NH. I know a lot of other people take their kids to Santa's Village in the summer; where do they eat??? We are staying in a simple motel with no room service for two nights...eek. Is there at least a grocery store with prepared foods?

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  1. Most visitors rely on North Conway and environs. My kids are grown up now and I haven't frequented the area in a few years. We enjoyed hilltop BBQ on rt 16 north of Conway and Sunday breakfast buffet at the Red Fox. There is a IGA(?) in Glen but I doubt they have prepared foods.

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      Yes, but if you're just going to Santa's Village then the smart way to go would be up 93 through Franconia Notch, 302 through Twin Mountain, right on 115. Nowhere near North Conway or the Rt. 16 corridor with their maddening traffic.

      We don't know where the OP's motel is, but I assumed close to Santa's Village. I don't know the food in that area (well, except the booths at the Lancaster Fair :-) -- Lancaster would be the closest town to Jefferson.

    2. Moat Mountain in North Conway is great as is the Flatbread Company also in North Conway. There is a great breakfast place with a train that runs around the restaurant in Glen called Glen Junction.

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        love the Moat and miss our annual trip to Storyland because we always ate there and thoroughly enjoyed it. Very busy and I don't think they take reservations so go early or be prepared to wait.

      2. The White Mt cider Co is wonderful.

        For casual pub fare go to Moat Mountain

        For great sandwiches and breakfast as well a nice specialty market we really like the The Local Grocer

        The Flat Bread Pizza company is excellent (and worst website ever

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          Second on the local grocer. we stopped there on our way through bought sandwiches and ate a picnic lunch at the flume.