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Ratio to sub coconut oil for butter?

I want to sub coconut oil for the butter in my brownie recipe. To date I've never used the oil for baking but I have eaten a lot of it mixed into my overnight oats among other things. My brownie recipe calls for 1 stick of butter - 1/2 a cup. Do I have to make any adjustment to the amount of coconut oil I use? Thank you!

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  1. No adjustments necessary. Chocolate & coconut sounds really good. :)

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      1:1. If you don't want any coconut flavor use refined oil though unrefined supposedly is more healthful.

    2. Some say it is an equal sub, one for one, others say to use a little less and add a bit of water.

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        I've been subbing coconut oil for butter 1:1 in baking for several years now.

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          I am of the sub 80% coconut oil, 20% water. I am often subbing other ingredients, and this keeps the fat ratio close to what is intended.

        2. I sub it one for one in brownies (a recommendation by greygarious on this board,) and it's very very good. Its a big hit!

          1. I assume the adding water camp is doing so in consideration of the fact that butter contains a small amount of water which will evaporate in baking. Oil contains no water, whether it's coconut oil or vegetable oil or any other oil. I haven't noticed recipes which give options for either butter or oil calling for different amounts. In some cases that water is important - such as in flaky pastry, where the puffing is created by steam pressure as it escapes. In brownies and basic cakes, that's not an important issue.

            1. THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE! I will do the 1:1 and will be using my usual unrefined. Definitely don't mind a touch of coconut flavor, the same as everything I use it in!

              1. Quick reply and thank you to all! My brownies were a thousand times tastier with the coconut oil!!! Have a great weekend!

                1. Another vote 1:1. My baked goods are much moister and richer with coconut oil, and they stay fresh longer. I use both virgin and refined, depending on the recipe.