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Jul 20, 2013 02:58 PM

Smoked Pork Jowl or Jowl Bacon and Guanciale?

I ordered some pork jowl from a local meat market to make guanciale but the owner and I didn't communicate well enough and it came smoked. We have since re-communicated and some unsmoked is on its way.

In taking the skin of the smoked jowl it sure does resemble bacon, both in looks and smell. By the way, getting the skin of the smoked jowl was 10x easier than a recent pork belly I did. My question is do I just treat it like slab bacon in terms of using it as an ingredient? I am making waffles in the morning and will fry some up, as I would bacon.

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  1. Yes, use it like slab bacon. And don't toss that smoky skin away, use it to flavor a pot of beans.

    1. I don't know that I would eat it as a breakfast meat like bacon but it can certainly be used in place of bacon as an ingredient.

      1. I love Hog jowl.and yes..cook like bacon. You can also get pre-skiinned Jowl from Burgers Smokehouse at a relatively decent price...sliced or unsliced.

        1. In some parts of the U.S. it is labeled as "Jowl Bacon" when it is cured and smoked. I have used it for breakfast dishes and find it very good, just not able to get the typical long slices as belly bacon.

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            Yes, you can't get long slices and it is different than belly bacon. It's more fatty, takes longer to cook, and has an interesting tender/crisp texture. My wife, who watches what she eats and typically won't eat fatty stuff like bacon, loved it.

          2. Smoked hog jowl (pronounced "jole") is the preferred seasoning meat for New Year's Day blackeyed peas throughout the South. Hard to find elsewhere.

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              I love Hoppin' John and I've lived in Minnesota most of my life.