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Jul 20, 2013 02:24 PM

Famous Foods on Kingsway near Knight, Vancouver

I couldn't find a thread in the last five years devoted to this store so I thought I'd start one. Every time I go, I find at least one nifty product that's new to me.

Today, I secured chicory, which apparently is quite difficult to come by. And since I couldn't go and just buy that, I also purchased their deep fried okra chips (wondering how they will compare to Ayoub's), some Walker's toffees, Mackie's scotch bonnet potato crisps from Scotland and the local brand Hardbite's Schezwan (sic) peppercorn chips which I haven't seen elsewhere though they must be around.

What cool finds have you come across at FF?

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  1. I'm happy that FF still has a meat-cutting butcher on site. Sometimes I need a specific size of roast, or there aren't enough chicken legs available (he cuts a chicken up)...Also, they stock unusual poultry, such as quail and pheasant; useful for when I was cooking for a particular client.
    Unfortunately, the produce is not top-notch... but for a good one-stop shop, in that neighbourhood, I like FF.

    1. Bulk steel cut oats. Breakfast of champions.

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