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Jul 20, 2013 01:41 PM

Need directions to The Pine Club, Dayton, OH to avoid closed exits off I-75

Hi, I'm going to the Pine Club on Thursday, 7/25, coming up 75 north from Hamilton. Last time I was going through Dayton, a lot of the downtown exits were closed. Can anyone advise me where would be the best place to exit the highway? I can use my GPS to manage the city streets after that. Thank you!

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  1. Take the Edwin C. Moses exit from 75 N, turn right and follow the river to Stewart St. Turn right onto Stewart St, take it to Brown St (by UD) and turn right again. It will be about a half mile down the road, on the left.

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      Thank you so much, I don't know Dayton very well, glad to hear from a native ;-)

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        You are welcome and glad you enjoyed. Come up to the Winds, in Yellow Springs, sometime for the best the area offers :-).

    2. hey there. did you go yet? dont expect the world's greatest beef here, but its ok. still, i love the PC, it is a classic old steakhouse in every way. enjoy!

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        Yes, we went. It's my second time, and we had a good meal and a great time, love the old classic restaurants, thanks for asking :)