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Jul 20, 2013 01:31 PM

Dairy-free restaurant choices

I'm going to be in NYC (staying at the Westin Times Square) for 48 hours. I moved away 5 years ago and while I have my favorites in the neighborhood (Taboon, Riposo 46, Gazala Palace) I am now stuck on a dairy-free diet. My experience is that many ingredient-driven restaurants are great at accommodating this (and I am in Minnesota, where this may be a less typical request), and I actually think some of those places might be able to handle this. Any ideas? Need one dinner and two quick lunches; other dinner will be a planned dinner that I will just have to make work. I can eat a small amount of goat cheese, but otherwise have to steer clear of dairy products.

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  1. See Cheeryvisage's Times Square list here:

    Your no dairy request should be fine here, especially at Asian restaurants.

    1. I am lactose intolerant and have never had a problem, just ask questions when ordering and let them know your situation. Gazala and taboon have great options if you ask they remove the cheese/yogurt
      Fyi most bagel shops in nyc even offer tofu cream cheese.

      1. How about kosher restaurants that serve meat? They won't be using any dairy.

        I defer to others to recommend some. My family ate at a kosher steak house in the garment district a few years ago that I thought was quite good, but I don't remember the name (sorry to be so vague, but I'm hoping someone else will know better).

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          Kosher Meat restaurant is an excellent idea - there will be absolutely no dairy - some suggestions are The Prime Grill and Las Marais are two I would recommend -

        2. Wound up winging it and was pleasantly surprised by how many places really knew their ingredients. Even the chocoholic bread twists at Amy's Bread are actually dairy-free. Thanks for the suggestions.