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Jul 20, 2013 11:59 AM

10 best milkshakes in SF from EaterSF

Ten best milkshakes in SF from EaterSF, what do hounds think?

1. Pollyann ice cream - duran shake
2. Bill's Place
3. The Corner Store - Manhattan shake
4. The ice cream bar
5. Chile pies & ice cream
6. Pearl's deluxe burger - Nutella shake; pineapple coconut shake
7. Greenburger's - milkshake FREE on Birthday!
8. Super Duper burger
9. St. Francis Fountain- they have soy ice cream from La Copa Loca so you can get vegan shake
10. Mitchell's ice cream - Grasshopper shake - Ube shake w/ purple yam from the Philippines

link here:

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  1. No opinion on this, but I have a milkshake question. Does anyone other than me think there can be too much ice cream in a milkshake?

    A couple of weeks ago we stopped in Red Bluff on our way back from Shasta. It was over 100, and a chocolate milkshake sounded pretty good to me. I think the place we went was called Scoop. I watched the girl making my shake and came very close to telling her to stop adding ice cream--that I wanted a little milk in my milkshake. But I didn't say it. We were about 50 miles down the road before I could begin to suck it through the straw. It just seemed ridiculous to me.

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    1. re: TopoTail

      A milk shake is always better when you need a knife and fork.

      1. re: poser

        I have to agree. My milkshake of choice is extra thick and never consumed with a straw

        1. re: Hungrymama

          i like malted shakes.

          if they don't have malt...they are pretenders and i pass.

      2. re: TopoTail

        If I can't use a straw, it isn't a milkshake as far as I am concerned. Not saying it can't be too thin, but should be possible to drink it rather than eat it. If I want a bowl of ice cream, I order that.

      3. The "Too Good To Be True" at Ice Cream Bar is my favorite shake in SF. Hand shaken and made with raw eggs and without ice cream.

        Great texture and flavor, and not so thick you have a stroke sucking it up with a straw.