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Jul 20, 2013 11:41 AM

Looking For Restaurants on Kauai

We will be spending a week in Kauai in September. Staying in Princeville area. We would like to hear about good to outstanding restaurants anywhere on the island. Now, here's the dilemma: my wife doesn't care for Asian food! Help!

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    1. Josselins Tapas Bar and Grill. Poipu. I'm sure there will be something on the menu she likes.

      The Feral Pig has great burgers!

      1. Agree with Feral Pig. Try the Feral burger (thick cut bacon/grilled onion cheeseburger; you have to ask for it).

        Try Garden Café in Kilauea. Only open for breakfast and lunch, seems overpriced. It’s very, very good, you get a lot of food, and the setting is beautiful and tranquil.

        We had an excellent dinner at Bar Acuda a couple of months ago. Limited menu of small plates; great execution for our dinner. Have to reserve in advance; we went without one, arrived right as they opened, and got the last two seats at the bar (next to the wall).

        Also strongly recommend the 5 course happy hour tasting menu with wine pairings at Hukilau Lanai in Waipouli (latest seating for tasting menu is 5:45). Great menu, extremely well prepared, fantastic service, good pairings, beautiful setting 100 yards from the ocean. The best thing is that, including wine pairing, the tab per person is $40. But, if your spouse doesn’t like Asian, the candied ahi course might not work. Ask for a lanai table in advance if you decide to go.

        Although Duke’s is a chain, Duke’s on Kalapaki Bay is really good. Excellent seafood and a gigantic salad bar. You have to get there near opening time or take your chances for a table overlooking Kalapaki Bay.

        Try the Eastside in Kapa’a for excellent and simple preparations of seafood, steak, and chicken. They changed ownership in March of this year. New owners have kept menu and mostly likely, staff. Very, very good.

        For casual lunch, strongly recommend Tiki Tacos in Kapa’a. Not Mexican street tacos and the proteins aren’t very intensely flavored. But, the total package of protein, absolutely fresh, local produce, queso fresco, grilled onions, sour cream, in-house salsa, and double in-house corn tortilla is fantastic. Proteins include fish, shrimp, beef, pork, vegetarian, and chicken. Also, roasted veggies and guac can be added to any taco. Pork and chicken tamales on Saturday. We went there 5 times during our stay this year.

        Josselin’s Tapas Bar in Po’ipu is really good, but hit or miss. Stick to simple preparations with just a few ingredients. The kitchen can get a little carried away with some dishes.

        Beach House in Lawa’i is best for its setting at sunset. I’ve never had a great meal there, but others have had great food.

        Fish Express in Lihu’e has unbelievably good smoked ahi.

        Check out the Malasada Lady in front of K Mart in Lihu'e. Good cinnamon or sugar only Poruguese doughnuts. She opens at sometime between 11:15 and 11:30 M-F. Sometimes, she’s there on Saturday.

        The Kaua'i bakery in Kukui Grove has fantastic apple turnovers and custard filled malasadas.

        Have a great time and enjoy the aloha of Kaua’i.

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          Thanks to all for the suggestions. Keep 'em coming.

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            Forgot to mention that Garden Cafe's ingredients are locally sourced (a fair amount of 'em on premises).

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              Search this board for "Kauai", and there's no shortage of reviews.

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              so is the garden café overpriced if the food is good and the portions are large?

              1. re: indelibledotink

                Not overpriced to us, but could see it being overpriced to others. $45 for our lunch of curry chicken salad wrap, Kaua’i burger, bowl of excellent curried lentil cream soup (listed as a daily special of “lentil dal”), and two bottled herbed juices. Entrees come with a large, fresh from the garden salad or superb, from-the-premises purple sweet potato fries.

                There is no service. It’s sort of cafeteria style. Upon entering, you grab a menu in a holder on a table next to the wall and daily specials written on a grease board above it. You order and pay at the cashier, and choose a table in the covered, open air dining area. Then you pick up silverware, napkins, and glasses from a station in the dining area. You retrieve your tray from the pick-up window when your order is called, and you bus your table upon leaving, placing silverware, dishes, glassware, and trash in correct receptacles.

                Again, we didn’t feel it was overpriced, because we really enjoyed the whole experience, including the passing rain showers while we were eating. A couple could split an entrée and day’s soup for less than $25 (not including drinks) and be satisfied, if they don’t mind having the same thing.