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Jul 20, 2013 11:14 AM

Please help- ISO: restaurant near Lincoln Center with both vegetarian & meat options!

Seeing "Monkey: Journey to the West" tomorrow at Lincoln Center & desperately looking for restaurant that has stuff to make my carnivorous father as well as my vegan bride & son happy. Preferably somewhere with fake meat/soy protein but also the real stuff as well. Please help!
¡Muchas gracias!

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  1. Are they vegetarian or vegan? It will be almost impossible to find somewhere with vegan faux meats as well as actual meat....
    Peacefood cafe is north of lincoln center two subway stops but a very well known vegan cafe if dad can manage with a meat free meal.
    Otherwise, shun lee west for chinese will have options for everyone, bar boulud is great but call ahead if they are vegan, vegetarian they will be fine

    1. Fiorello's is great for vegetarians; I eat there with my father (vegetarian, not vegan) all the time. No faux meat, but they do a ton of vegetable preparations (Italian cooking, so I assume there are enough made with olive oil & not butter that a vegan could fill up) that can be mixed & matched to make big entree plates.

      1. There's also a Pain Quotidien on 65th just east of B'way that'll fit your needs.
        Not as fancy as the other places suggested here (a +1 for Fiorello's, btw) but easy.

        1. You don't mention a price range, but on the cheap side maybe consider "On Tap" inside of Whole Foods and on the more expensive side maybe A Voce? Both in Columbus Circle.

          1. Thanks everyone for your great replies. I decided to go another route entirely (both figuratively & literally) & whisk all my folks down to Japadog on St. Mark's. It's fun & funky, has meat & fake meat alike, & fits in with the Asian theme of "Monkey" oh-so-nicely.
            Thanks again for your help, wonderful Chow-peeps!