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Jul 20, 2013 08:53 AM

Truro--Shopping for items for an Italian Dinner

We'll be visiting friends in Truro. We're making homemade pasta for dinner one evening. Any suggestions on good places to get wonderful Italian cheese, items for an antipasto, bread, and fresh vegetables? We'll have a car so we can drive a reasonable distance.
Thank you!

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  1. Hillside Farmstand and Market on Rte 6, by the road to Cornhill beach, is great. They grow their own veg and have a big selection of local bread and they share a shopping area with a terrific fish store and a liquor store.
    Avoid Jams unless money is no object.

    1. Bring what you love with you...honestly, I cannot think of any place up there that has gourmet Italian items...bread, PB Boulangerie in W' Fleet. It's French not Italian but phew..amazing bread. Also lots of French deliciacies in the cold case.

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          There are a few stores I'm aware of that have a nice cheese selection , but none come to mind near Truro. Where are you driving in from? Maybe you could stop on the way to the Cape to many of the excellent Italian specialty shops in Providence or Boston. Or, there's a small market at Pinehills called "The Market" in Plymouth just off exit 3 of Rte 3. They have some nice specialty foods, in particular dried pastas, an antipasto bar, and gourmet cheese selection. Or you could stop off exit 5 on the Mid-Cape and head north on Rte 149 and go to behind the Old Village Store where a woman makes wonderful homemade pastas and mozzarella and burata to die for.

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            Hello, we're driving from Logan airport. I need to look at a map to find the places you've suggested. My husband is bringing the flour he uses on the plane. I'm hoping theTSA doesn't think it's cocaine.

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              You could hit the North End in Boston depending on the time you get in and shop at the very excellent Salumeria Italiana . If it's in the afternoon, however, skip it, the traffic will be a nightmare.

              I think The Market in Plymouth is a much better bet than Trader Joes to get what you're looking for, and as phelana said, getting to TJs from the hwy is a mess this time of year. Could take you almost 1 hour round trip to go the 3 miles each way.

              There's also a few easy off locations as you drive south from Boston. In Hingham is EuroMart. Small but good. I still think The Market's your best bet. It's right next to the exit and they'll have more Italian specialties than Whole Foods or TJs. (But I'd probably still make a special quickie side trip to the West Village Cheese and Pasta shop at exit 5 off Rte 6. No traffic on Rte 149 and the house made burrata is sublime.)

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            We usually stop in Hyannis at Trader Joe's for cheeses and supplies. Not gourmet but better selection and prices than the only large store within 10 miles of Truro- Stop and Shop in Ptown.

            1. re: Berheenia

              And easy to get to from Rte 6, exit 6

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                Please note, Trader Joes is on congested 132, a parking nightmare ..I was there last week. Not really an "easy" on and off IMHO during peak season.

                Ring Brothers (easy off of 6 /9A) has a decent selection of gourmet cheeses (pricey) and then there is Chatham Seafood and Harney's Liquor all on site. Don't buy produce here.

                X the street in Patriot Sq., Stop and Shop has a lovely Croatian fig jam. specialty crackers and some decent cheese) I served the jam with cheese recently. My British friends LOVED it. Don't forget Cape Cod Pepper Jelly. I digress off the "Italian theme" but..

                I schlep goodies from the Cape to my Caribbean home where I am presently (and it's cooler than on Cape) :).

          3. Granted I am usually in that area during the shoulder seasons but we always bring our own supplies of speciality items. You can cobble together what you are looking for but you will spend the better part of the day doing so due to no real "one stop" option and the traffic.

            Since you are coming from Logon jump off at exit 15 on Route 3 South and go the Whole Food at the Derby St Shops. Not only will you find everything you need/want but they will provide ice for any perishables you buy. If you don't have a cooler you can grab a styrofoam one at CVS or just buy one of WF's insulated bags.

            1. in Provincetown has a decent selection of cheeses and antipasto selections.

     in Chatham for your cheese and wines.

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              1. re: kara2006

                Thank you, everyone. I was considering shipping an order from Murray's in NYC, but I think we'll be just fine. We're absolutely going to get some of the fresh burrata. Looking forward to seeing our friends and being back in Truro. Such a pretty place.

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                  Saw fresh burrata at the Farmers Markets in Truro and Chatham.

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                    Wouldn't surprise me if it's the same woman who owns The West Village Cheese and Pasta Shop in W. Barnstable. She got her start at all the Farmer's Markets. She also uses the name Fromage A Trois.

                    1. re: CapeCodGuy

                      That's the one- saw her setting up at Truro this a.m.

                  2. re: DaisyM

                    Call ahead. She sells out fast some weekends.

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                      CapeCodGuy, thank you for all your suggestions. I will call ahead. There is a recipe in Saturday's Wall Street Journal for grilled shrimp with watermelon, basil, corn and burrata. I'm going to make that and my husband will make the pasta.

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                          Ha! I'll report back. My husband will be teaching the kids pasta making and performing magic. We're good houseguests!

                2. I was pleasantly surprised at the selection of high-end cheeses and Italian speciality items at the newly-renovated Wellfleet General Store, right on Rt. 6 across the street from PB Boulangerie. The store is twice as big as the last time I was there, and had a lot of great stuff--not cheap, however.