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Jul 20, 2013 07:27 AM

Great Road Food between Niagara and Poughkeepsie area?

I have to post a pretty broad query here, because google maps indicate that there are three very different car routes to take between these locations, differing only by minutes. Keeping in mind that we're driving on a Sunday and will be going through Niagara Falls from Canada about 11 a.m.: any ideas about places along the major routes to stop for lunch and dinner breaks? (One route goes to Albany and then down; another goes so far as Syracuse and then down through Binghamton and on; the other cuts south from Buffalo through Elimira to Binghamton and on.)

We can take time enough for sit-down restaurants, but will not want fancy or formal stops. Great drive-throughs would be just fine, too. We love various "ethnic" cuisines (anything from Thai to Mexi, Polish, Greek, etc.), but we also appreciate a great burger joint, Italian deli, etc.

One way to think about this: what places in the far Upstate would you really miss if you had to move away?

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  1. in the Buffalo area, Andersons, beef on weck and frozen custard, if you go to the one on Sheridan, add Teds or Louies down the street for an awesome charchol grilled hot dogm both not sit down

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      Thanks! As I entered my internet "what-the-heck-is-weck" search, I came across this Chowhound thread that dissed the Anderson brand versus Schawbel and some other places:

      One poster does note that the Sheridan location is a better experience than the other Anderson outlets. What say?

      I also saw a video about Anderson's, and that indicates that they sell their own char-dogs. Teds or Louies are different enough to matter, I assume?

      I do recall hearing that there are some great brands of hot dogs in the Buffalo area...

      1. re: Bada Bing

        For hot dogs and other grilled foods, I would recommend Ted's over the other local chains named above (Anderson's Louie's). Ted's uses local Sahlen hot dogs, as do most of the others. However, their grilling set-up is "bigger and better" than the others. Also, Ted's has the best onion rings anywhere.

        I don't care for beef on weck, but I'm sure that for this (and other hot "sliced meat" sandwiches, as well as for chorizo and Italian sausage), Charlie the Butcher's is the best choice. Near the Airport on Wehrle at Cayuga.

        Anderson's has its strong points, mainly for the frozen custards and shakes. For meals, I do go there often with my family because of the variety they offer. They have "something for everyone" (I often opt for soup), especially finicky kids who want something bland. But bland doesn't do it for Chowhounds.

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          Thanks! Nice that Charlie's is right off the highway I'm likely to use!

          Will look into Ted's....

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            About Ted's, Google Maps indicates two different locations on different parts of Transit Rd (one technically in Depew). Does the difference matter? Great onion rings are another of my passions.

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              You just made me want Ted's onion rings so bad.

        2. I've read that Moon Star is good for Chinese in Binghamton.

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            Thanks for this! Looks like a place to keep on the radar, if we're driving by there at the right time.

          2. I'm sure they're all good, but I always go to the one on Transit in Williamsville (7018 Transit). That one is North of the one in Lancaster/Depew.

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              I just have to say Teds is a great hot dog, Duffs buffalo wings are fantastic, beef on weck is interesting. Have you ever checked out I love the Sterns