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Jul 20, 2013 07:11 AM

Zaaki in Bailey's Crossroads - Report

Four Chowhounds got together to try the grilled meats at Zaaki, a new Middle Eastern restaurant that features ornate charcoal braziers that are brought to your table.

The meats arrive at the table fully cooked, with the braziers to lend support for keeping the food hot and adding crispiness as they sit over the hardwood charcoal.

The meats were disappointing. Of the four braziers brought to our table, only one had enough hot charcoal in it to make a difference. Two of them were outright cold. The kabobs are general small and dry, though well seasoned and tasty. The worst was the kefta, which was made from hard, pressed meat like at a cheap gyro shop.

I doubt any of us would return.

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