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Jul 20, 2013 07:03 AM

Whats new in Burlington this year?

Will be up there for annual vacation soon, and always looking for new and good eats-

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  1. Assuming you mean Burlington, VT and since you don't specify what date range constitutes "new" for you, here's a few that are within the last year or so:

    Juniper ( I think Hen of the Wood will be opening up at a hotel downtown, as well (same hotel??) but I can't remember the specifics.

    San Sai Japanese restaurant will be having a soft opening this week, or next. Can't remember the date on that one.(


    Guild and Company ( opened a while ago but I think less than a year ago. I think they opened in August of last year. That's where I'm planning on us going for our anniversary dinner in September. This summer (I don't know the date yet) The Guild Fine Meats will be opening a meat shop on St. Paul St.

    A wine bar is supposed to open in Winooski in Sept (not much on their website yet ( They're billing themselves as "an unpretentious wine bar/art gallery".

    There's a new self serve fro-yo place ( that looks to be a member of a franchise. First one in Burlington.

    There's Anatolian Grand Bazaar ( that opened on Pearl Street. I think they're primarily selling Turkish packaged meals and desserts (prepared on premises) to take home. This is, btw, a vegetarian place.

    Another place called Vin Bar & Shop is new (, it's close to L'Amante.

    There's a new completely vegetarian restaurant that's supposed to open any day now called Revolution Kitchen (

    Pacific Rim ( has reopened on Church Street.

    There's a new seasonal place called The Beach House ( twitter seems to be the limit of their online presence at the moment). From an article about it: "...serve most of the Amir’s Kebab menu, including a new Thai curry dish that Jusufagic learned from the chef at his former Church Street neighbor, Bangkok Bistro. Even vegetarians will be well fed with salads, freshly fried falafel and pizza brought down from Junior’s."

    There's also this: South End Food TruckStop ( I believe this happens on Friday nights. Also, the trucks that come to this can be found in other places around the city during the week.

    There's a place in Winooski called The Mule Bar ( that is a venture engaged in by the Mad Taco and Threepenny Taproom folks.

    Oh yeah, Feldman's Bagels (, too. NY style bagels.

    That should get you started. :)

    1. That is an amazing and comprehensive list, Morganna! I would add Misery Loves Co. in Winooski. They were a food truck last summer but opened a brick and mortar location this winter. It's amazing food.

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        Ooh right, I hadn't considered them new, even though I knew the brick and mortar place was. :) Thanks for adding it. Also, comprehensive list is thanks to 7 Days and the wonderful food/restaurant reporting they do there. :)

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          We go to Burlington VT, every August, so a year is perfect! Thanks for a great list