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Jul 20, 2013 02:11 AM

local corn

Been hitting Merrymead and enjoying their corn every chance I get. The produce shed is open til seven thirty most days and I find that convenient. Their prices aren't the cheapest but I'll gladly pay. I so enjoy the view of all that open space year round. I have not yet hit Frankenfield this season but I'll head out that way soon.
So where are my fellow hounds acquiring their treasures? I love cooking during corn season. I think of the corn as the main dish that elevates whatever else I throw together. Just to break up the corn you know.

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  1. Got some sweet white from the Amish farmer at the Reading Terminal (towards the back of the terminal, the one who sells potholders), and also from the Jersey farmer at the Sunday Headhouse Farmers Market.

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    1. re: Hansel

      How has it been? I have gotten some ears from Dibrunos and Iovines and the corn was not very good. I have blamed it on the heat and hope to pick up some this week that's better.

      1. re: barryg

        I thought they were both delicious. I know some people complain that the "super sweet" white corn is too sweet, but I really liked these. I did get some corn a few weeks ago (don't remember where) that was not great, but these recent ones were good.

        1. re: Hansel

          It wasnt too sweet, the kernels were not juicy or flavorful. The ears I saw at ShopRite today did not look very good either.

          1. re: barryg

            If you don't mind the sweetness (and I didn't think these were too sweet), they were very good - tender, (not stiff cow corn), juicy, tasty. Beautiful ears, too, no wormy bits, but maybe that comes later in the season.

            1. re: Hansel

              Had a couple of ears from Nonesuch Farms in Buckingham. One had small white kernals, the other was larger and a bit starchier than I like. But the corn does look good.

              1. re: cwdonald

                Never been to Nonesuch. Did u go to the beer fest CW?

      2. re: Hansel

        I've been disappointed with the corn at the Headhouse Square Farmers' Market this season. The ears and kernels have been small and they've been lacking the the flavor, sweetness, and juiciness I expect at the peak of the season. This past weekend, I overheard the vendor saying that the heavy rains are to blame for the size. For this reason, he said he cut his price from 75 cents to 50 cents an ear (about 5 times the cost as SuperFresh). While he offered assurances that the corn was nevertheless very good, that's not been my experience.

        1. re: Cruz

          That's odd - I've gotten good sized ears at Headhouse, and I thought they were very good. (And I'm sometimes a bit suspicious of the Jersey farmer because he always seems to have produce ahead of anyone else.) But I wouldn't call this the peak of the season. Really, for corn, I feel it's just the beginning of the season.

      3. Got delicious super sweet and tender white corn today @ Dautchers farm stand in Ivyland. The corn came from Rooks farm off Almshouse Rd.

        1. Pete's Farm Produce and Braxton's are my go-to places for both superb corn and, in the case of Pete's, their own grown Heirloom tomatoes and Marai corn.

          1. If you don't mind driving a little farther over to Germantown Pike and Smith Road, the Famous No-Name stand has had great everything since July 1st. The corn has been excellent - really large, fat ears from all of the rain in June. And the tomatoes and watermelons have been great. Still waiting for the honeylopes, though. I told them if they get a lobster tank and small wine selection, I wouldn't have to go anywhere else all summer.

            1. Like Chef Paulo, I have gotten good sweet corn at the no-name stand on Smith Road. The bicolor is huge and very tasty. Also got some good corn from Renniger's Farm in Royersford. I have to stop by Maple Acres in Plymouth Meeting and give them a try.