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Jul 20, 2013 12:35 AM

Sushi Rozan 鮨魯山 Wanchai (Hong Kong) - anyone been?


Also curious about Wagyu Takumi as well if anyone has been (sorry in advance if someone has reviewed it already).

Can't find much in the way of information but from what I understand
Rozan's omakase starts at HK$2500 ish. From the very few online photos I've seen (actually from the daughter of the current generation owner of Ser Wong Fun, who eats at a lot of nice places), it's perhaps a notch below Sushi Yoshitake, but probably surpasses Sushi Sase, when looking at candidates for high end (and very expensive) Ginza style high end nigiri sushi.


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  1. pretty good. high quality ingredients but that's no surprise for a Peter Lam restaurant. Dunno if it's necessarily better than Sase. Guess I need to go back and do Sase again… been too long.

    The meal didn't start off well, though, when I found bones in my flounder… The chef was mortified.

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      Thank you so much for your input! Your "pretty good" probably equates to very good+ to me (since I don't have anything of that standard where I am). A shame about the bones...given that the chef has no assistant he can't pass the blame! At least he was mortified....vs when KC ate at Sase with Little Meg and found a shell in their crab appetizer, Sase-san didn't even flinch!

      Curious if you (or anyone else) have been to ともえ鮨 Tomoe Sushi in TST and ordered only nigiri at the bar? Trying to line up some nigiri options for my next trip, but will not do Yoshitake. If history is any indicator, Sase was closed first week of January to coincide with some closures/holidays of Tsukiji Fish Market, so Sase might be out for me unless I go before that. Probably will end up checking out the new Hikari in CWB, but for the cooked food.

      Also wondering if there are other izakayas that are as good as in the vein of Ishiyama? I really enjoyed my meal there.

      1. re: K K

        For nigiri the best place in HK now is ginza iwa

        1. re: hb1004

          Yup that's been bookmarked by me on openrice to try and I'm not going to bother with Rozan and Yoshitake is stratospheric. The word is that Iwa-san is going back to the flagship store end of the month, leaving his apprentice behind to handle head chef duties moving forward but that won't deter me from trying it. Thanks for your input on the matter :-)

        2. re: K K

          Have heard some good things about Sushi Take too.

          On the topic of bones in sushi, I actually had a bone in my sardine piece at Sukiyabashi Jiro Ginza. Don't really know how to speak Japanese but I put the bone on the plate and they didn't seem to care at all.....

          Was surprised that Iwa is not THAT expensive, definitely should go try that one. Some reviews online seems lukewarm though.