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Jul 20, 2013 12:27 AM

Hang Ten Boiler for Hawaiian-Cajun in Alameda - who's tried it?

I just found out about Hang Ten Boiler for Hawaiian-Cajun food in Alameda. It's been open for 7yrs & I just found out, aiya! Have any hounds been yet?

Inside Scoop has some nice pics of some of the food:
Kalua pig w/ macaronia salad
Hang Ten shrimp boil
Fried oysters w/ Cajun fries


Hang Ten Boiler
2306A Encinal Ave, Alameda
between Park & Oak St

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  1. not sure where you got the 7 yrs. timeline. it's actually been open for 4 months.

    tried the dave's catfish (9.99)
    -light breading with salt & pepper, nom nom, no fishy taste
    -5 generous pieces given
    -lots of near great spicy fries a good value
    -made almost perfect, meat not dry not too thin
    it's in same block where Cafe Q and sidestreet pho is .

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    1. re: shanghaikid

      It was open as a branch of the Hawaiian Drive Inn chain under the same ownership, but only recently added the Asian Cajun component. The Asian Cajun stuff is good too -- at least on par with Rockin' Crawfish, maybe a little bit better (if you like a thicker sauce).

      1. re: abstractpoet

        your explanation makes sense in the timeline.
        (header had misinformation within)
        liked hang ten's fish & chip more than rockin' crawfish's version.

        1. re: shanghaikid

          Went for crawfish a few months ago. At the time the sauce had lots of garlic but was rather bland. It lacked the sweetness of Rockin' Crawfish or Red Crawfish or the like.

    2. Had a fun dinner there last night. Got the Dungeness crab (hang ten - mild), shrimp (hang ten-mild, hang ten - medium) and the clams (garlic butter-mild), along with fries, corn, broccoli and garlic noodles. Lots of food for five adults and two kids. The sauces have a lot of garlic and fat, but in a good way. I liked the crab, but it seems a bit of a waste of crab to douse it so much sauce. The big head-on shrimp made more sense. Medium spicy was a nice level; would like to try the spicy sometime. No crawfish last night. Garlic noodles were pretty sweet for my taste, but okay. Cajun fries were tasty.