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Jul 20, 2013 12:16 AM

Venice, Florence, Rome, Capri and Naples 2 weeks in Italy. Need help!

So, I'm a newbie to the board.. But need some help!

My fiancé and I will be traveling for two weeks in Italy early to mid September for our Honeymoon.

We are both foodies and love to explore and try new things and old favorites. She cannot eat pork and I will eat anything.

We are looking for spots to try delicious local cuisine.. Not too crazy expensive because we have a budget.

Our trip is as follows:

Venice 2 nights

Florence 3 nights

Rome 4 nights

Capri 3 nights

Naples 1 night.

As we are hitting a lot of places in a little time we want to make the best food choices for lunch dinner and snacks!! And also eat the local cuisine!

Thanks in advance for any help!

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  1. Forgot to mention I am an espresso fiend.. So any suggestions on where to get a good caffè are appreciated!

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      In Napoli, head into every Caffe Mexico you pass. There are several scattered around town. Most people end up quite near the one in the piazza Dante, or directly across from the train station, in the piazza Garibaldi. You can look up other locations on line.

      Caffe Mexico, which serves up one of the great coffees of Italy at lightening speed, customarily serves it WITH sugar. If you don't want it, then make it plain when you pre-pay for it at the cash register and to the barista who makes you want it "senza zucchero." (But at least try the other!)

      I also personally think that in Venice it is worth walking to the counter at Caffe Florian to drink their espresso (sitting down outside is wildly expensive).

      Otherwise, I recommend you invest in the guidebook Osterie d'Italia (good for modest budgets) when you hit the ground it Italy (sold in bookstores and often in airports) or review old threads here. Your question is very broad, the cities you are going to are extremely large and no one knows where you are staying in them or where you are going, the choices when it comes to restaurants number in the thousands in all price categories, and nobody know what you think is "crazy expensive" for a meal in Venice.

      If you look up into the right hand corner of this screen you will see a box of links to old threads about your destinations. In addition, you can do searches, either using the search feature here (not very good) or using Google. Just type into a google search string "chowhound italy venice budget 2013" and see what pops up. Do the same for your other destinations.

    2. Regarding to places to eat, I second the above poster's advice to search this board for the many earlier posts on the cities that you are visiting. You will find tons of posts on restaurants, from osterie to high-end especially for the "big 3 of Italy", Venice, Florence and Rome. Choose a few places that you might be interested in and be more specific on what you are looking for and you'll get many appropriate feedback.
      Add to espresso/coffee in Venice: most cafes/pasticcerie will make a decent cup but from my experience, an exceptional one is rare; nothing compare to other places in Italy that I've been, ie Trieste, Naples or Rome. Caffe Florian is definitely worth a visit for it's historical setting. The coffee is quite good; if you don't want to spend the outrageous charge of 6euro for a sit down espresso (more for outside seating if the band is playing), do as the above advice and head to back standup bar where it is only 2.5 euro (still expensive where simpler places are less than 1 euro for standup). One can soak up the atmosphere and watch the comings and goings in quiet peace as you'll lightly be the only customer there. Two other places I recommend in Venice are Caffe del Doge near the Rialto Market and Torrefazione Marchi (also known as Costarica and the only in house coffee roaster in Venice) in Cannairegio. For both places, you'll get to experience a slice of Venetian life. Morning to early afternoon, Caffe del Doge gets a streams of locals, workers from the Rialto, nearby merchants, gondolieri, the polizia, bureacrats, street sweepers, nannies with baby strollers. Marchi is standup only and is always crowded with just about everyone passing through the busy thoroughfare including some of the most eccentric Venetians.

      1. Just returned from Rome & Capri. We have hit the "big name" restaurants in Rome on previous trips so interested in hostarias and trattorias this time. We enjoyed Renato & Luisa and Hostaria da Pietro in Rome. Also (in Trastevere) Dar Peota for pizza. We wanted whole pie not by the slice.

        On Capri we went "upmarket" which is very easy to do there. Da Giorgio is always our favorite. Tried Mamma (formerly Da Gemma) and liked it alot. Found L'Altro Vissani for crudo & sushi by accident. This was the big surprise and would go back in a second. Aurora has excellent food but unless you sit outside it is too crazy for me indoors. Lastly, treat for us was an afternoon at Il Riccio beach club. Reserve a few deck chairs as well as seats in restaurant. Desert room will take your breath away. Enjoy!

        1. I second Barberinibee's Mexico coffee recommendation.

          The very elegant beach clubs Il Faro, La Fontellina and Da Luigi all have excellent restaurants. When we are in Capri, we usually have a big, long lunch at one of those and then a late pizza or salad at Sfizi or Buca di Baco for dinner.

          The desert room at Il Riccio in the Capri Palace hotel is pretty amazing.