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Jul 19, 2013 07:30 PM

Help! Last minute crisis! Armando or Flavio??

So have been reading some back and forth................we only have four nights in Rome of which three are really spoken for

i had been excited to go with Liz's recommendation of Flavio with the rooftop etc and the fact we would push into Testacio (albeit when dark) but now after reading Jen's comments (probably the other I most listen to!!!) I am seriously re-considering replacing with Da Armando al Pantheon (which would also be easier from our Excelsior lodging).

My hope for that night is more classic Roman in a casual friendly atmosphere more locals usually (it will be August though) than tourists and of course great food................needs to appease my wife the veg who eats seafood and my 14-year old teenager.

Any last minute suggestions most appreciated..............we do still have a little time!


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  1. I won't add anything to your choices, but I will speak up for Armando al Pantheon. For some reason, I had never eaten there until October '12. It was so good that we went twice in 5 days; once was for our final lunch before the airport.

    We had artichokes (romana, I think), gnocchi, and a delicious torta, as recommended on this board.

    1. I would suggest armando, but.... They will be closed august 1-31!

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      1. re: vinoroma

        urgh I knew I should have checked........vinoroma/winegal :)!

        sounds like we stay with what we have!



        1. re: davidcotyalex

          We loved Flavio and ate there twice this month.

          1. re: dlgc809

            awesome thanks - was looking forward to it but armando caught my eye :)

            we will stick with the plan

      2. One of the reasons that I suggested Flavio is that I am pretty sure they will be open.

        Your other option, since it's August, is to go to one of the pop up restaurants on the Tiber island. Both Giuda Ballerino and Bacco al Tevere are good, and have amazing locations.

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        1. re: minchilli

          thanks - do you still prefer Flavio over those two - we leave for Lucerne tomorrow - yay!!!

          Flavio definitely open - excelsior confirmed and on roof :)

        2. Armando Al Pantheon is one of my favourite places in Rome. Last time I had bruschetta lardo and it was delicious. I would have had 2 orders but Fabrizio would have thought that a bit strange. Highly recommend it. Paris restaurant in Trastevere is also excellent.

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          1. re: winemanboy

            great on paris............unfortunately armando closed in august :(

            1. re: winemanboy

              I agree about that bruschetta with lardo, my first taste of the stuff and it was superb.