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Jul 19, 2013 07:00 PM

Where to buy Octopus (Large tentacles) in the Bay area

I've been tasked with creating an octopus dish for a Greek-themed dinner but don't know the best place to go or order for the main ingredient. I'm based in the South Bay - any advise?

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  1. Have you checked Mitsuwa in San Jose?

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      I was at Mitsuwa today and looked for octopus. The refrigerated seafood counter had already cooked giant tentacles to make tako sushi, two types, one from China and one from Japan. I looked in the frozen seafood area too, but no octopus there.

    2. Frozen, 99 Ranch. Some people freeze it anyway to tenderize it. Probably Lion Super as well.

      Fresh, try Mitsuwa, Hankook, Marukai, Nijiya.

      1. Sun Fat had them a few weeks ago, you have to buy the whole tentacle though. They are helpful on the phone if you call.

        1. How's the search going?

          My brother says he has seen whole large octopi at Neto's Market in Santa Clara.

          I was in Ranch 99 in Fremont today and it has frozen octopi of many sizes, mostly cooked. But it does have whole large raw octopi from the Philippines as show in this photo.

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          1. re: Melanie Wong

            The search ended up successful, although through a bit of luck. Mitsuwa had the tentacle to which you refer, but at $20.00+ a pound - Yikes! I did find baby (2.99/lb) and mid size at Mi Pueblo (4.99/lb) so I tried the baby but they were not what I wanted for a result. Finally, after calling around I found a small place in the Portugese neighborhood of San Jose that had 3 lb ones at 2.99/pound. They worked out great! I recommend checking the place out - it's L and F Fish Market (1448 E Santa Clara St). It's a small store that probably has a larger selection of bacalhau than I've seen outside of Porto, along with other imported canned items from Portugal. I'll be using them again

            1. re: jlally

              Terrific! I keep meaning to take a walk through that neighborhood for some Portuguese sleuthing but always get sidetracked by something else when I'm nearby. I am curious what dish you made with the octopus.

          2. Mi Tierra here in West Berkeley had fresh today for $4.99/lb (the small ones were $2.99).