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Jul 19, 2013 05:58 PM

Kennebunkport area on the way to Camp Sunshine?

My son and I are about to head Camp Sunshine, but before we go to Casco, we're planning on a few days at the beach in Kennebunkport. I want this to be a really special trip for him, as this is a prelude to his bone marrow transplant. He's five and an adventurous eater (though he'll never say no to fries, sweet potato fries, and shoestring onion rings!). Also, it's not super strict, but our budget doesn't allow for huge tabs for every meal.

Some things I'm looking for:
1. A great lobster roll.
2. A fun place to get whole lobsters. He's so excited about this, and I don't want to disappoint!
3. Casual dinner and lunch places.
4. Maybe one nicer place for lunch or dinner. No need to go overboard, but I'd really love to take him out for a fancy dinner.
5. Take out places for beach lunches.

Also, if any one has recommendations for lunch in the Casco area, we'll probably have lunch with a few Camp friends on the last day of Camp.

Thank you so much in advance!! My little guy is so excited for this trip!

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  1. I'll start it off by suggesting Nunan's
    in Cape Porpoise (a "suburb" of Kennebunkport) for anything related to lobster. Plus it's a very scenic ambience in the little fishing village.

    in "downtown" Kennebunkport for casual dining.

    The Ramp
    is the casual downstairs bar-and-grill (but kid friendly) venue of the more upscale Pier77 which is located above it. They have the same owner who is a well-regarded chef. Great water views --particularly at sunset-- and it's 'just down the road' from Nunan's. We were seated at the table behind but adjacent to former President G.H. Bush and his wife Barbara once while having dinner several years ago -- out of consideration for their privacy, we didn't interrupt their meal to chat with them but they seemed like any nice older couple out for a meal. Very unpretentious, no big fuss, lots of locals: that's the kind of place that The Ramp is. Plus I'm told that if you wish, you can also order the more gourmet sort of entrees off of the Pier 77 menu to be served even if you are eating downstairs in the fun part.

    [124 Ocean Avenue, Kennebunkport...don't think they have a website
    ]for the 'nicer' lunch or dinner....I'd consider it 'fancy' without being 'stuffy' or 'formal'. Similarly, you'd probably enjoy Mrs. Bartley's dockside restaurant
    [over by the Clam Shack ...see below...don't think they have a website]
    for a sit-down meal...the fare is similar to Mabel's and they are known for their blueberry pie.

    Clam Shack
    right next to the bridge in Kennebunkport for the seafood take-out. Also you might check out HB Provisions
    which is a kind of general store (used to be called Meserve's) that has a more varied take-out breakfast & lunch deli menu. It's across the street at the other end of the bridge from the Clam Shack. I'll bet either would pack your selections to-go for the beach.

    Everyone has their favorites but I don't think you can go wrong with any of these. Kennebunkport is a fun place to visit. Have a great time !

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      I second Mabel's, and they had a Web site as of last week, which now seems to have lapsed. But their menu is here:

      And Cape Pier Chowder House in Cape Pier/Kennebunkport satisfies your requests # 1, 2, 3, and 5.

    2. If you cannot get into the Ramp (it's often very busy), go next door to Cape Pier Chowder, it's hole-in-the-wall great.

      Best lobster roll in Maine (IMHO) - Bite Into Maine, a food truck that is most days at Fort Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth (The beach in Cape Elizabeth is also terrific).

      For top notch beach lunches, head over to Cape Porpoise Gourmet:

      Also, if you don't already have it on your itinerary, Goose Rocks Beach in Kennebunkport. The best of the best. Just be sure to go early and get a parking pass at the General Store.

      Good luck to your little guy, hope all goes well with his treatment and that he has a super time at Camp Sunshine.

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        We spend a week at Goose Rocks every June - I agree. Best beach!
        I also second Nunan's and The Ramp. They are our must "go-to" restaurants every year.
        This year we also tried Lucas on Nine in Cape Porpoise and had great meals. Not much of an atmosphere but the food was good and the service friendly.
        We also really LOVE the Wayfarer for breakfast if you are looking for that as well.
        Have fun!!!