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regina's in allston....alternative?

So nobody thinks allston is worth visiting. Our problem is we are cutting it close for our Logan flight and are driving from the Berkshires via 90. Any sterling alternatives near 90?

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  1. Allston has tons of ethnic places right near the Regina's that are far superior (though Regina's does have parking). Another alternative would be BT's Smokehouse in Sturbridge, easy on and off 90 on Route 20.

    1. oh man i did not know you were coming from the western part of the state. B.T smokehouse is two minutes off the pike and is the best BBQ in the area. well worth the stop.

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        and another vote for BT -- up main street, sturbridge exit, call ahead and order, find them online - tell them you have to make a flight (they can be crowded and slow otherwise) - best bq in NE.
        If that's worrisome on the time, if you like greek/middle eastern, Esperia on Washington and market, has parking, off watertown exit into brighton and back on 90 to airport - excellent lamb and the best tzatziki. Shanghai Gate or JoJo Taipei few minutes from cambridge/brighton exit for 90 - both excellent

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          if you call BTs you can have your Q ready for pick-up; it is the best q in Mass; I do not know the rest of the NE well enough to opine further. .

          Allston/Brighton is about the best place to eat in the Boston area for low to mid range food of various ethnicities

      2. Someone on the other thread where you asked if the Allston Regina's is worthy mentioned Santarpio's in East Boston. If you're looking for a classic Boston pizza experience, it would be worth a stop. Santarpio's is often mentioned in the same breath as Regina. It's very near the airport.

        A search of the board will turn up lots of lively comparisons.

        1. The Max and Leo's suggestion in the other thread is a really good idea, I wrote a review of it just after they opened:


          There is almost always parking behind the restaurant and Buff's is a good place for drinks and wings.

          Getiing back on the pike right there you can make the airport in 30 minutes (20 if youre lucky)

          1. I'll make it a unanimous vote BT's for BBQ if that's what you want. Very good pizza at North End Treats at exit 13 in Framingham.

            1. I wish to respond to the intent of the OP, is the food experience similar? Me and my boy are regulars at Regina's in the NE, and have been to the Allston (and the Route 1 location as well), and while it is absolutely not 100% the same, it's a fairly reasonable facsimile thereof, pizza wise. I understand the dough is all made at the same commissary and the ingredients (including sauce and cheese) are from the same vendors. As my son is a pizza freak, my wife and I sometimes are weary of the idea of ANOTHER cheese pizza in our future, so the Allston and Route 1 locations expanded menu, while pedestrian, can be welcome to the pizza weary members of your tribe (my wife, and sometimes even me). Bottom line, no one can duplicate the atmosphere, vibe, and magic oven that the original possesses, but a fair attempt to duplicate the pizza, I think the Allston location does OK. I will now don my flame retardant food blog suit and await the onslaught :P

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                I'm with you 100%. When I want Regina's pizza, we go to the North End. But when I want pizza IN MY OWN NEIGHBORHOOD, plus maybe an app or a side salad or the like, we go to the Allston Regina's and we like it just fine on its own terms.

                My one reservation is that while there are plenty of places in Allston that are well worthy of someone traveling from someplace else to eat at - Shanghai Gate, YoMa, S&I Thai for starters - I don't think I'd ever put the Allston Regina's on that list.

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                  "I understand the dough is all made at the same commissary and the ingredients (including sauce and cheese) are from the same vendors."

                  This cannot be true. As I mentioned above, my husband has a soy allergy. He does not have a reaction when he eats the North End version but got very ill immediately upon eating the Allston pizza.

                  The whole family, including my sometimes-thick-in-the-head teens could tell the difference in the pizza. I found it tasty enough in a Sysco-products sort of way, but in no way does it resemble the North End version.

                  As for atmosphere, the Allston location has a pleasant family restaurant/sports bar feel. I'd happily take young kids here on a regular basis if I 1) didn't have to deal with the food allergy issue and 2) wanted a nice and easy family dinner but didn't really care about having the exceptional flavor of the North End version.

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                  Your son is a pizza freak but only eats cheese pizza?

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                    I don't know if that was what devilham was implying, but I'm a pizza lover and rarely eat any pizza other than plain cheese or a margherita. It makes me sad when I take someone to Regina's and they get a pile of meat and/or veggies on it. I guess I'm a pizza purist, and think the true test of quality is to order an unadorned pizza. There's nothing wrong with putting charcuterie or salad on your pizza, but it's a different animal and obscures the taste of the pizza itself.

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                      In point of fact, yes. A little background, he is a six year old, in the spectrum, very stubborn and picky eater. This saddens me as an ex food service lifer (injury prevented me from continuing, but it was my chosen profession) and ChowHounder, I love all food, and wish he did to. We found that the one thing that he would consistantly eat is pizza, good pizza that is. He also has claimed since a very young age to be a vegetarian, claiming at age 4 he would not eat anything with eyes...an argument that I understand, so, we work with him on these things (I don't want dinner time to be turned into a battle of wills, it should be a pleasant time of the day, not a battleground). Every weekend I make a batch of pizza dough, divy it up into 8 or so portions, freeze it, and we make him personal pizzas for dinner. While cheese pizza (with real Parmesan to garnish, thank you very much, he won't touch the crap cheese) is his favorite, we can sneak additional vegetables onto his pizza to help expand his pallette and better his nutrition, including things like spinach, and mushrooms (particularly proud of him on that one, as they can be texturely challenging to the picky eaters of the world).

                      So yes, he's a pizza freak who likes a simple, well crafted pie!

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                          Ahah... well, I was a truly picky eater when I was a child, and now I will eat anything that isn't actually moving on my plate (though that probably will rarely or never include insects.) So there's hope!

                          Maybe in a few years he'll learn to hack the oven to make it run at 900dF, and make his own gourmet pizzas that'll be the best in town. :D

                    2. What time of day will you be traveling? Just up the street from Regina's is the Allston Diner, which is only open for breakfast and lunch. The quality of the food at the Allston Diner is well above average and the staff are very nice there.

                      1. And the sad truth is that "cutting it close" did not take into account the Mass Turnpike on a Saturday afternoon. What is it with traffic jams randomly sprinkled over the distance between the NY border and Boston? The saddest truth is that we ended up eating (?) at Logan. My wife had the "pizza" at Puck's. I just couldn't bear eating that. Thanks for all the input, which we will use the next time we are in the Boston area.

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                          I agree, Puck's airport locations are pretty disgusting. Next time you need to eat at Logan your best bet would be the Legal Seafoods in Terminal C. Not haute cuisine but very decent basics.