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Jul 19, 2013 03:39 PM

crazy new yorkers gotta see everything, need to eat along the way

Hi - am coming to Seattle for a week, going to drive to Mount Rainer one day for a day trip, and 2 day trip to OP, going to stay at Quileute Cabins ( (please no negative comments about accommodations, must see Pacific Ocean) Looking for food recs along the way. Going to do the Bainbridge Island Ferry to OP, then through Port Ang, etc. Not sure how we are driving to MR. Any recommendations for places to eat along the route would be great, husband not keen on cooking or bringing stuff, except maybe sandwiches to MR

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  1. The Quileute resort has some really nice cabins if you stay oceanfront. But really for the ONP and Mt. Rainier, it is just not about the food. There are no hidden gems that I am aware of. Either take a cooler or just eat whatever bacon and eggs or burger and fries you come across. But both trips are worth it. Be sure to hike to Second Beach in ONP near the Quileute res.

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          thanks for that link, sounds great.

    1. Hi, Daisy:

      In Port Townsend, you might like Fountain Court Cafe for "fancy" fare, and Sirens for high-end pub food. Enjoy the sights on the OP, 'cuz the Hwy 101 loop around the Olympics is pretty devoid of chow-y food.

      Humble suggestion: While the loop around Mt. Rainier is cool, the mountain is SO massive, the views from most nearby places (like Paradise) can't do it justice. I would recommend the drive and view of the Olympics from Hurricane Ridge ahead of MR, and it's on your way...

      All the beaches near Klaloch are good. Dress for wind.


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        hi, can you explain your driving suggestion in a little more detail, we are doing OP 2 days, and mount Rainer on a different day, (obviously) and any driving suggestions, or good close detours along the way, would be greatly appreciated. We are interested in flora, fauna, geology, etc. but are not good at big hiking experiences, only short ones. thanks

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          Hi, Daisy:

          Hurricane Ridge is a one-way side trip from Port Angeles, so whichever way you get there, it works. There's a v4isitor center, viewpoints and trails. Lake Crescent and Sol Duc Hot Springs are nice stops, too. For extreme beach experience, La Push/Cape can't be missed.

          You will see plenty of Mt. Rainier from your plane and from Seattle (which is best, anyway IMO). Hike the Hoh Rainforest, too!


      2. We lived in Sequim, Olympic Peninsula for 9 years. Love the area and you must eat at the Oak Table on Bell Street. They are open for breakfast and lunch and have a wonderful
        variety of goodies. Dutch apple pancake, Swedish pancakes with lingonberries are two favorites. Great thick bacon and good sausage for breakfasts and equally delicious lunch fare
        is offered. Also, try the 3 Crabs Restaurant in New Dungeness for all kinds of Pacific Northwest seafoods, including roasted salmon, gooeyduck and wonderful oysters. By all means hike the Hoh Rain Forest. There's nothing like it in the rest of the US. There are several hikes, including one that's only about 2 miles. While we did make
        trips to see Mt. R., Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic National Park is much easier to do, along with the drive to LaPush or
        Ruby Beach (hike involved). You can see a lot more there than going to Mr. R. As someone else stated, you'll see more
        of Mt. R. from your airplane that you will from the ground! It's so huge. Have a great trip and if you go to 3 Crabs, you'll pass by my old street....Brigadoon Blvd.

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          Main reason for going to ONP is for rainforest, must see, I teach Bio in NY. Husband will never give up drive to Mt R, He also wants to go to Mt St H, but may have redirected him to ferry to islands, etc. Very hard to decide, so much to do. Thanks for the rest. suggestions, as well.
          Can you drive up Hurricane Ridge? In case you can't tell, we don't do hiking much. Can you drive close to Ruby Beach?

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              Re: Hurricane Ridge....bring a jacket . Last time we were there,early was 20-25 degrees colder at the top and still had some snow on the ground! Time for cuppa clam chowda at snack bar!~ Very worth the trip...enjoy!

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                having heat wave like crazy here, snow sounds so awesome right now! thanks

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              Daisy - yes you can drive very near Ruby Beach - it is a short stroll from the parking lot. If you are not into the 4 miles to Second Beach, Ruby beach is a great choice. It is beautiful as well. As for Mt. Rainer, I would drive in the Nisqually Entrance to the park and stop first at Longmire. There is a little museum there with history of the area. Walk across the road and walk around the easy Trail of the Shadows (0.7 mile loop) to see the bubbling mineral springs and a few historic sites and lots of native plants. Then proceed on up to Paradise and check out the meadow around the Inn and the new visitor center. The view of the mountain from here is spectacular on a clear day but if overcast it may not be visible. You will not want to do this on a weekend in the summer. It is just too crowded. Go during a week day. Sorry I have completely digressed from chow but I actually love the National Parks in WA more than food.

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                No this is very helpful, even more so than the food. I was planning on Monday for Mt. R, weather looks clear, and the beach is a definite for next tues and wed. Any other suggestions would be MUCh appreciated, it is very confusing with so much to see and do, and only having 8 days.

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                  It's unfortunate that there aren't good places to eat near our national parks, but for many reasons (short tourist season and others) that's the way it is.One of my coworkers was just telling me that the Rainier Bar and Grill is a good stop in Enumclaw--you won't necessarily go through Enumclaw on your way to or from the mountain, but you might. The Naches Tavern is legendary and though it looks like a biker bar lots of hikers, skiers, and families stop there too. I've never actually stopped but I thought I'd mention it--it's not too far from the NE entrance of the park.

                  Someone mentioned going to Paradise, and you can--most people do, and it won't be too bad on a Monday. I actually prefer the Sunrise visitor center area, which is less visited and higher in elevation. If you can do both, fantastic. Since you said you won't be hiking, you have time to circumnavigate the mountain, and you should. Rainier is spectacular up close--I'm glad your husband won't be dissuaded because it blows other mountain landscapes out of the water.

                  If you need travel trips I'd recommend the tripadvisor forums. There are some people there that are extremely knowledgable about Olympic NP in particular.

                  1. re: christy319

                    +1 on the Naches Tavern, definitely local flavor.

                    If you're going to Paradise, I've always found the food in the dining room OK. And hey, OP, if you stop at the bar, order a Storm Cloud.

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                      I prefer Sunrise too, Christy. The alpine meadows are tough to beat!

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                Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. 3 Crabs is now 0 Crabs...


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                  very sad, was going to go there, better to know now

              3. Pick up some sandwiches and/or salads on Bainbridge Island on your way to the OP. Very good at Hitchcock's deli on the main drag (Winslow Way).If you're getting an early start, also recommend Blackbird Bakery, also on Winslow Way. Bainbridge is your best bet for food west of Seattle, so if you are coming back that way, consider having dinner at Hitchcock's or Marche or Swallow's Nest before hopping on the ferry. Have a great time!

                1. I must respectfully disagree with some of the posts here in re: Mt. Rainier. It is one of my favorite spots on earth and you experience a different energy of the place when up close. If you plan to circumnavigate the mountain by car (plan a good long day for this) you will notice how it changes appearance depending on what direction you are facing. The view from Seattle is different from Tacoma. From Olympia it looks like it has two summits, and from the south (Paradise) it looks different yet. My recommendation: go early, early, early (leave Seattle at the crack of dawn) to beat the crowds.

                  I agree with other posters that there is really nothing to recommend food wise in the area - pack your own provisions and let the mountain be your guide.

                  If you let us know where you will be staying we can offer some recommendations on where to purchase comestibles.

                  Enjoy your stay!

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                    If you circumnavigate Mt. Rainier (a good idea--Grove of Patriarchs is definitely worth seeing, and is there a more beautiful & accessible hike than the Naches Loop Trail?), there's a great burgers 'n' fries joint in Packwood called Cliff Droppers. Burgers taste like they did pre-McDonald's. Fries are pretty good too. Alas, it is the only place I can recommend near The Mountain. You might try the Pacific Northwest Board for other recommendations on the Olympic Peninsula.

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                      Will be staying at Hilton Suite Place near Sculpture Park, on Western I think, noticed Paeso and Salumi both closed Sunday and Monday so some other ideas would be most appreciated, also, any place to stop for breakfast on the way so we could drive for a little while first would be great

                      1. re: daisylover

                        If you plan to visit Sunrise first I recommend travelling via the Maple Valley Hwy and stopping at the Black Diamond Bakery. The place will be busy, so get there early (7:00 a.m.)

                        If you want to hit up Paradise first, that would require driving to the west of the park and accessing via the Nisqually entrance to the south. The only restaurants I can think of in that vicinity would be in the Puyallup/South Hill area. I know there is a mediocre chain restaurant called Shari's just off Hwy 161, which would suffice in a pinch.

                        Both of these options are about a 45 minute to 1 hour drive from your hotel.

                        For lunch provisions for your trip, I recommend hitting up the Metropolitan Market just up the hill from where you are staying (100 Mercer St.) as they have vast offerings of excellent food items. A little on the high end and therefore pricey, but worth it. I believe they carry Salumi salami at their deli.

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                          Met Market does have a good selection of Salumi cured meat - a very good idea when Salumi is closed. They also have a great cheese selection - try one of the local ones - I especially love all the cheeses made by Mount Townsend Creamery. The Cirrus and Trufflestack are fantastic.