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Jul 19, 2013 03:16 PM

Grenoble - Must try!!!

True Gem! If you ate in Grenoble, you must try this charming restaurant.

I had walked by this darling little local restaurant when we first arrived in Grenoble a few days ago and wanted to go in but they were closing for the day. Tonight we stopped in for dinner and we were so glad that we had a chance to eat here. The food was fantastic! Such a charming place and Vianney, the chef/owner made us feel so welcome.

We both had the prix fixe dinner for 16E (@$20). Honestly, the leek quiche was the best quiche that I have ever had. Flakey buttery crust and the filling was so light. It came with a simple balsamic drizzled salad that was a perfect accompaniment. I even commented that that would be a perfect lunch on its own. Then we had a quite large serving of chicken with a cream sauce and some really fab crispy potatoes with a small side of ratatouille. Vianney makes everything from scratch and it is so fresh and hot out of the oven. We also got to pick from 5 beautiful desserts. I had a chocolate molten cake and my boyfriend had the hazelnut torte.

The restaurant is located on the beautiful Alsace-Lorraine Street only a short walk from the train station.

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  1. And it's called…? Les Mille Saveurs?

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      Yes! Oops! Les Mille Saveur! Must have been in a food coma when I wrote the review!!!!

    2. Is this shop still around? Don't see many active posts here, or on other online