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Jul 19, 2013 02:38 PM

Epoisse Cheese: Where?

Fabulous cheese, tasted on a cruise, described as "French cheese of the year". Oh, runny, exquisite taste.

When the heat wave breaks, I'm off to Di Brunos to taste. Anyone
familiar with this cheese, and if so, where do you buy it? I felt like
Wallace and Gromit when sampling...

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  1. Epoisse is very well known in the cheese world, and you can always get it at any of the better cheese shops: DiBruno, Downtown, and Whole Foods, among others I'm sure. It comes in a bamboo (I think) round box with a plastic cover. Feel free to poke the top to check the ripeness (this is totally appropriate behavior). You want it to definitely have a decent amount of give. If it has very little give, it's probably not ripe. You must buy an entire container, so plan to get it and either eat it every day, or get it for a dinner party, guests, etc. Sometimes these comes in smaller containers, but I always think it's better in the larger. And if they have one open, definitely taste it - but understand they may not have this open.

    And for pairing - Burgundy! Dark Belgian beers pair well too. Ok, now I want some too!

    1. Wegman's also carries Epoisse

      1. My second favorite stinky washed rind cheese (don't expect your family to appreciate it!). It's not hard to find...Wegman's usually has it, or any decent cheesemonger.

        Around here, it will inevitably be Berthaut's Époisses, which is pasteurized (unfortunately).

        The longer you age it, the better (just not so much that you get an ammonia smell). You want it to be room temp when eating and have it ooze all over the plate the moment you cut in (you should really just cut off the top and spoon the deliciousness out).

        Bibou often puts one aside for us to age, and I'd rather have just that than any cheese plate around town.

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          Perhaps Delucacheesemonger can comment, but the Epoisses we are getting here is a pasteurized epoisses as US does not permit raw milk cheeses to be imported. I do know I had a raw milk version at Le Bec Fin and when I asked, they said they personally brought it back from France.

          Not that what we get is bad.. its just not the real thing.

          1. re: cwdonald

            There are four makers currently of Epoisses. The only raw milk one is Jean Gaugry and the raw one is not imported.
            One may bring it back themselves though.
            Last time l came back l brought Pierre one with me.
            Berthault is actually thermalysed, pasteurized but low temp so does age a bit and has some character.
            Jack at Downtown has always aged his a bit before selling.
            Oneadvantage of DiBruno's is they sometimes have the coupe, about the size of a dinner plate and sell whatever portion you wish.
            Box is balsa BTW l believe

        2. Not to be a stickler, folks, but I think it is Epoisses, with an s, after the town it is from.

          Aside from that, I agree with the posters below. Stinky as it gets (my grandfather would brag that he would take one on the train if he didn't want anyone to sit beside him), but cut off the rind, you have one of the richest, most unctuous cheeses I have ever had.

          Many boutique cheese shop (Birchrun Farms is my favorite locally) make washed rind cow cheeses that are similar in nature, and that I enjoy a lot. But they don't get as stinky.