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Nov 4, 2003 09:11 PM

Where for Mexican breakfast in Houston?

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Okay, where to go, weekdays. Prefer the middle or south half of the city, rather than up north. And what to order. Thanks.

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  1. Thats easy, Picos for breakfast. I would either order any of the chilauiles dishes or the machacado con huevo alla mexicana which is eggs and dried beef with tomatoes, onions and pepper.
    La Mexicana is another option that is very good. Huevos rancheros, chilaquiles and barbacoa.

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      Katherine A/O

      I agree w/La mexicana-

      1. Gorditas Aguacalientes on Bissonnet, near Rampart.

        Order anything, but beware of the hot chocolate unless you've had authentic Mexican hot chocolate before.

        Staff is freindly to gringos.

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          I posted this in an Austin thread but they have some places in Houston also. We go to the one on 34th and 290 pregularly.

          Any of the Luby's Cefeteria's in Austin serve a breakfast buffet. It's preety neat. They do not serve off the normal cafeteria line. It is buffet style like at a hotel. Catering dishes, with seperate tables etc. We eat mainly at the one on North 183 north of the Arboretum on the Northwest side. For 6 bucks they cannot be beat. Everything you can think of.