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Jul 19, 2013 02:27 PM

New places or old places worth revisiting in the Yarmouth area RT 28 need help fast please.

Heading down to the cape for the weekend. Will be staying in the Yarmouth area on 28. Any new places or old ones that have gotten better? Looking for Italian, Seafood, or Mexican. Thnk you. Joe

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  1. Sad to say, but there isn't a single restaurant on 28 in Yarmouth that are worth going to once, never mind a repeat visit. Do a search on the "worst of the Cape thread" and you'll see that most of them are listed there. There are a couple of notables, however, in nearby Hyannis, or on the northside of Barnstable/Yarmouth/ Dennis along the quaint Rte 6A ,which is all much less crowded and easier to navigate than the south side and Rte 28.

    Give us an idea of what you're looking for, budget, family style or fine dining, etc. For instance, when you say seafood, I could direct you to the very excellent Fin in Dennis or Ocean House in Dennisport where entrees will run $25-$40 and you won't find a kid's menu, or I could send you to Marathon Seafood for a no frills $15.99 huge whole belly clam plate piled high with fries and onion rings.

    Lastly forget Mexican altogether. The Cape's Mexican is beyond lousy, especially the chain Acapulco's and the worse than awful Sam Diego's. The Beech Tree Cantina in Hyannis and Guapos in Orleans serve up reasonably decent Gringo-Mex that won't kill ya, but neither will remind you of the excellent Carne Asada in Tijuana or San Diego, or the Cabrito Mole in San Antonio.

    For Italian, the only good choices in the area IMO are Alberto's for upscale or Columbo's for more moderate fare. Both are on Main St in Hyannis. If you are willing to travel, the options increase.

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      I have been to all of the above Sam Diedos was once a fovorite twenty years ago. Now it is worse than Taco Bell. Alberto's very good but we have kids with us. Marathon is by far my favorite for quality food. I have known Teddy and his family since the day they opened. I was heart broken when he sold but, was glad too see he repurchased to place back after a year. I have never been to Pizza Barbone, Diparma, Geradi's. I also love the Paddock but, not a good place for kids. Do you have anything to say about the three places above?

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        I just replied to kara before I saw your questions. In doing so I think I answered what you are asking. DiParma is owned by the same owner as Yarmouth House. Think Olive Garden quality. With kids in tow, I'd do Girardi's before them. Or look at the menu of Columbo's on Main Street. Nicer vibe for you if there are things the kids will eat. Good pizza there and not just spaghetti and meatballs drowning in sauce. They have great gelato and desserts too and you could stroll Main St. after dinner.

        Brazilian Grille might be fun for the kids if they like meat. Waiters come to the table with skewers of grilled meats and there's a huge buffet also that's varied and pretty good. May be an option depending on how old the kids are.

        And +1 on Teddy and Peggy at Marathon. Was there this week and they're still at it, God bless them. And damn, can they fry seafood like no one else!

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          I would second Columbo's as being pretty family-friendly. It's not my favorite place, as we've travelled quite extensively in Italy, so we're pretty picky about our Italian food. But you can usually find something to suit everyone and, by Cape Cod standards for Italian, it's pretty good. Also, Alberto's looks fancier, but I've found them pretty family-friendly as well.

    2. Girardi's.
      Skpper - not on 28, but in South Yarmouth is great for families, and you can get ice cream afterwards. Certainly not on the "foodies" destination list.
      Barbone is great. There is a discussion about Barbone, but the food is great and it's family friendly. The chef/owner gets farm to table and makes his own sausage, and grows his own produce.

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        I've tried to like Girardi's and did when it was in the former Dells Lemonade stand and had maybe 6 tables. But after 5 or so attempts, I just haven't found anything that special to eat. The food seems over sauced and the sauce isn't that great. The people are nice, I'll give you that. But for me the food's a big "meh".

        Only had one lunch at The Skipper and wasn't pleased there either, but I keep reading recs from others here so I owe them another go. I do remember liking the second floor deck during the day though.

        My opinions on Barbone's have been slammed enough, but let's call a spade a spade. It's a high end pizza joint. Yes, he does about 5 or so apps, and a couple of salads, but other than that it's small individual pizzas and no entrees. Sure, the individual sized pizza are of high quality and delicious, but at $14 or so each, a family of 4 needs to spend $100+ for a pizza night out, and to me at least, that doesn't cut it. And he grows his own veggies? Where does he get his produce for the other 9 months out of the year?

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          If you liked Paddock in the past, you may want to try it again. I haven't been there in many years but my family has had memorable times there in the past. I went several weeks ago during the July 4th week. While it wasn't as crowded as it used to be, there were a number of families dining there. The menu includes fixed price offerings for around $20 and kids meals. I enjoyed the hanger steak off the fixed price menu. The salad and dessert were also good. Plus, the Paddock still makes the most pleasant Manhattans on the Cape. The original owners' son manages it now. It was clean and the wait staff was friendly and efficient. It also still has that comfortable "clubby" decor that transports you back to another era. If you liked it before, you may enjoy it again with your family.

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            Ah yes, the old Newbury CapeSide.

      2. Don't miss the Tiki Bar at Ocean House. Pricey but the best views while enjoying cocktails, soda, whatever..Park at 3 Seasons Hotel and walk around. Also Beaches has great breakfast and lunch, same complex. All in Dennisport, very close by...

        1. Sorry for the late reply. I have one suggestion for route 28 in South Yarmouth that I don't think CCG has tried, yet. Four Seasons in the old Friendly's is between the Green Spot Garden Center and the Bowling Alley. It's a great Italian restaurant that is in it's second season. It is owned by four brothers who have lived in Italy, Argentina and New York City. Be prepared for a long wait on the weekends, if you don't have a reservation.

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            Kevin, thanks for the tip! I can't tell you haw many countless times I've driven by that place and remarked to the wife that they'll never make it because no matter how much you paint it red, green, and white, it still looks like a Friendly's! Just goes to show, you really CAN'T judge a book by it's cover. And at my age, I should know better! Anyway, the Yelp and Trip Advisor review 's are terrific!

            Fresh house made pastas, whole fish de-boned tableside, family owned with Italian roots. Great prices. What's not to love?!

            A definite addition to my must try list. lt would be so nice to have a great place in the midst of all the dreck that is in that area. Thanks!