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Jul 19, 2013 02:24 PM

Luberon mini report July 2013

Cafe veranda. (menerbes). Refined cooking but in a casual style with excellent ingredients. Recommended for lunch or dinner

Bastide de capelongue. (bonnieux). Definitely a special occasion place (in this case wife's birthday) because quite pricey. But the setting can't be beat and the food was really excellent. We had the tasting menu with among other things foie gras, lamb sweetbreads , baby lamb chops, several seafood courses , an excellent cheese course. Wine list quite good as well.

La bartavelle (Goult). Simpler than capelongue and fewer courses but just as special in its own way. Quiet setting in alley. Excellent gambas entree and duck main which came with cherries

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  1. Merci. Good explanations. Good guide. :)

    1. We loved La Bartavelle. My favorite dinner on our trip last fall.

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        For me la Bartavelle is the essence of Provence.