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Willamette Valley take two!

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Hi All,

Last year I was new to Chowhound and got some great advice here on my mini honeymoon in Willamette Valley. It was such a great trip we figured it would be a good way to celebrate our first anniversary. My husband and I are heading back in October and would appreciate any recent feedback anyone has on Wineries and restaurants. We were also fortunate enough to have Willamette come to Chicago a few months ago for Windy Pinot in the City. It was impossible to try them all, but from there I think we have added a few new ones to our list. Last time around we stayed in McMinnville 2 nights and in Newberg 1 night. This time we are thinking of Newberg or Dundee for all 3 nights. Last time our docket changed slightly and was quite full, while we want to go back to a few places and try some new ones, we definitely dont want to over do it.

Last year we hit:
Argyle: Have always loved their sparkling
Sokol Blosser: we did a tour here that we really enjoyed but I didn't think it was our favorite wine. I did hear they just opened a new tasting room.
Domaine Serene: They were actually very pleasant and comped my tasting
Stoller: Loved hanging out here, one of my favorites
We hit all of the downtown McMinnville wineries within walking distance: Walnut City, Eyrie, Panther Creek -Panther Creek was probably my favorite.
Soter: Loved our seated tasting there and became members so we will definitely be going back there.
Torii Mor: I dont know if I already had too much, but I didnt love the wine as much, the scenary looked great however it was raining while we were there
Winderlea- Big Fan
Lange- it came highly recommended by many so maybe my expectations were too high
Alexana- We enjoyed

I think Musts that we are adding to the list for this year are:
Bergstrom- loved what we tried at the Pinot in the City
Antica Terra- also loved them at Pinot in the City and enjoyed chatting with the owner.

Anyone been to Rocco winery? I tried one of theirs that i enjoyed although it was later in the evening so not sure if my taste buds were already shot.

What else would you do? We ate at the Jory, Bistro Maison, Nicks in McMinnville. I think this time if we are staying in Newberg, the Painted Lady is on my list.

Thanks in Advance for any input. We are looking forward to what hopefully becomes an annual trip!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. If the focus is 100% wine you are in the right area, but a little west the Historic Anchor Inn in Lincoln City is a delight and dining at the Blackfish Cafe is nice. It is where we met our favorite Pinot Gris, Eyrie.

      1. I loved the Torii Mor tasting room, but did not like their whites at all. I do really like the Olson Vineyard and Temperance Hill Vineyard Pinot Noir offerings however!

        1. I think we have most of our itinerary for this trip down! On the list so far is:
          Day 1- Carlton
          Anne Amie
          Carlton Winemakers Studio
          Scott Paul
          Ken Wright Tasting Room
          Day 2
          Beaux Freres (wanted Patricia Green as well but no tasting during harvest)
          We are driving this day so will probably only hit those and spend some time enjoying the Allison.
          Day 3
          Anderson Family
          Dobbes (maybe)

          Antica Terra is unavailable due to harvest, I had White Rose on the list but my husband doesnt agree and I heard their tasting fee is high for what they give you.

          Tim, I will keep Blackfish in mind for next trip out. We are planning a longer trip to explore some other areas.

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            That's a pretty good list. I had a really nice lunch at Recipe in Newberg last week.