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Jul 19, 2013 01:08 PM

Food Trip w/ Todd English, Kreplach Restaurant

Hi, a while back (2006 I think), there was a Todd English show and an episode where he explored dumplings in NYC. One of his stops was to a restaurant serving kreplach, and I'm trying to figure out which restaurant it was. Does anyone remember this? I think it was a sit-down restaurant in Brooklyn (not a deli). This has been driving me crazy! Thanks!

Link to the official site of the show (episode #104):

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  1. i just plugged kreplach in to the "find-a-food" feature on menupages and got 27 results (many not in brooklyn):

    this wasnt supposed to be an authoritative list, but i think you'll need to provide some narrower parameters for folks to be helpful (thoughi havent followed you link - im at work and all).

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      Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I don't have any more parameters, which is why I'm asking here. I was hoping to find someone else who saw the show and remembers more about it than I do. I'm assuming it's a famous restaurant. Unfortunately, the show's site doesn't give any useful info.

    2. "Join Todd English as he travels from Hell’s Kitchen down through the East Village in New York City in
      search of distinct regional takes on the ubiquitous dumpling..."

      Guessing the kreplach was served at Sammy's Roumanian.

      1. was it maybe queens? bens best on queens blvd has been featured a couple of times

        if bklyn- maybe gottleibs? ive seen them featured, but CAN NOT imagine todd english there- its kinda shleppy