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Jul 19, 2013 11:56 AM

shabu shabu in SF?

Never tried shabu shabu but since i'll be in SF was wondering if there's any good shabu shabu restaurants in the bay area?

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    1. Not in SF, but if you're down south, One Pot in Cupertino is my favorite in the Bay Area (mostly based on quality of meat).

      In terms of SF proper, Nabe is not bad - Shabu House is also okay. Those are both in the other thread Robert Lauriston linked to.

      1. A lot of the Japanese-style (i.e., primarily beef, not a bunch of various meats and veggies like Chinese hot pot) shabu shabu restaurants are managed and owned by Chinese in the Bay Area. I personally like the chain Shabuway the best because of how they age their beef. If you are in SF, you should try Shabusen's sukiyaki in Japantown; they also offer shabu shabu. If you're into seafood hot pot, places like Koi Palace in Daly City and The Kitchen in Millbrae offer assorted live seafood, but you'd better call in advance to confirm because they won't offer that when they are busy since hot pot isn't exactly a high profit-margin item.

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          I suppose the people who run Shabuway realize that the name sounds like a drug reference in Japanese...

          While "shabu shabu" is a word that gives the feeling of moving a piece of chopsticked meat back and forth in a pot of soup, the word "shabu" alone is slang for speed and other meth-like drugs.

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            Calling in advance isn't a guarantee that you'll get what you were promised at Koi Palace.

          2. shabu sen in japantown is good.

            for chinese-style hot pot, i enjoyed hot pot garden on taraval.

            not what you asked, but also on the topic of japanese styles of beef, i also liked yakiniQ in japantown for a lively all-you-can-eat experience.

            i liked all 3 of these and plan to return to them.

            but in case you (or anyone) is interested in how "authentic" the shabu-shabu in sf is compared to japan, in my experience, shabu-shabu in japan is way different, because they use ultra-fatty japanese beef, which imho simply doesn't taste particularly good in steak form, and is much more suited to cooking in a thin form, like shabu-shabu or sukiyaki. however, in my experience yakiniku in sf compares pretty favorably to japan. that said, sf shabu-shabu is good (just different) and definitely worth a try.

            1. I liked Mums in Japantown. Fatty sliced beef which is good for shabu shabu. It is an AYCE too.