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Jul 19, 2013 10:51 AM

food wars, part dos- ballard fish and chips

i've been to red mill burgers, so i'm intrigued by the idea of the totem house, where i can try their fish and chips and get a burger (going with my mom, so we can get both)

but i also have read in the past that other choices are better for F & C
what is the current thinking?

mahalo (thanks) in advance

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  1. I suggest you drive a little farther west and check out the sandwiches at Paseo instead. I've not been impressed by Red Mill's fish-n-chips. But if that's what you are really hankerin' for, my favorite in Seattle are served at Little Chinook's at Fishermen's Terminal - just across the Ballard bridge.

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    1. re: LemonyRoux

      paseo's is on the list as a sure thing
      fish and chips is for another day only IF we have free time

      mahalo (thanks) for your input

    2. Hi, macsac:

      If you haven't been to Totem House nee Red Mill, you should go. The old TH was a great Seattle landmark. The owners, the longhouse construction, the good that they did for the Native community all bespeak of the place's mana. Good on Red Mill for preserving a little bit of that tradition.

      BUT, the fish & chips there are just OK. If you like F&C at places like Spud or Ivar's, then you'll like them here. IMO, they're on a par with The Lockspot just a long block east of TH. Unfortunately, the class act of the hood, Ballard Alehouse, is gone.

      If you want excellent burgers AND excellent F&Cs, I would recommend Pacific Inn in Fremont.


      1. The best fish and chips I have had recently were at Marination Ma Kai on Harbor Ave near Alki.

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        1. re: forkit

          Hi, forkit:

          I'll try it!

          Like anything near Ballard?


          1. re: kaleokahu

            The Fish Basket food truck is at Chuck's once or twice a week and have good F&C and a GREAT fish taco.

            1. re: mrnelso

              +1 on the Fish Basket truck. Look at their website or FB page for locations.

              1. re: christy319

                Serious business: I've been paying attention since "fish-taco" started showing up in Seattle, and have ventured to sample the pathetic things from time to time, just to keep my discrimination up-to-date. Twenty or thirty years later, my discipline has finally paid-off at Fish Basket. This fish taco stands proudly, its knowingly combined flavors and textures making little celebrations in the mouth. Bravo.

                  1. re: mrnelso

                    I haven't had an edible fish taco since I moved here from San Diego, so I'll have to try this out!

                    1. re: mrnelso

                      Hey mrnelso:

                      What does FB use for their tortillas? Tell me they use hand-formed fried corn ones, and I will pogo their truck wherever it goes.


                      1. re: kaleokahu

                        I remember, I think, a wistful reflection that they would do better to get Trader Joe's "hand formed" corn torts than what they did, but it was good. Really good. I guess you'll need to be ready for Mango relish in there. I liked it.

            2. Chinook's or Ivar's are both good.

              Lockspot is very unimpressive.