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Jul 19, 2013 10:08 AM

Ma Peche-- any advice on value & quality?

Is Mr Chang's midtown joint worth it?

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      1. re: Bkeats


        I don't talk about specific dishes but here are some photos of a recent meal there:

        Also a fantastic spot for lunch.

    1. I prefer the downtown location(s) of the momofuku restaurants, but in that area of midtown it's the best food for the money IMO. Skip drinks to save $, they're pricey

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      1. re: Ttrockwood

        Skipping drinks to save money is true everywhere, not just Midtown.

        BUT Ma Peche is one of the few restaurants in Midtown executing original craft cocktails at a high level. As a cocktail fan, I wouldn't skip the drinks there, especially not the Seven Spice Sour.

        1. re: kathryn

          Seven Spice Sour is my favorite cocktail.

          1. re: ellenost

            and isn't it $3 at the bar during happy hour?

            1. re: coasts

              It IS??????

              That HAS to be the single best deal in New York!!!!!!!!!

              1. re: coasts

                Didn't know about the happy hour price. Thanks.

                1. re: ellenost

                  it's been at least a few months since i was there for a drink after work, but i'm sure it was three dollars between 5 and 7 on monday through thursday.

                  1. re: coasts

                    This was the case when I was there this past April.

        2. last summer, Ma Peche was serving a side dish of snap peas with yogurt, coffee grounds, and peanuts. it's one of the most memorable dishes i've ever had. every ingredient was so perfectly paired and portioned but otherwise left alone. it was such a true expression of flavor in the most natural sense.

          the current rice cake dish with sausage, spinach and sichuan pepper is a must if you like heat.