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Looking for restaurant with fine arts display and private room

Hi all: a friend of mine is hosting his monthly book club meeting and would like a restaurant to tie in to the book they'll be discussing. They're reading 'The Value of Art' by Michael Findlay. It's a group of businessmen/CEOs, so the preference is for a restaurant on the mid to upscale side, private room/patio ideal. Located on the west side or central LA, please. ANy ideas?

(I did a search on Yelp and came across Tamayo's as a start...)

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  1. Cecconi's in West Hollywood has a private room called the Butterfly Room, named after the giant Damien Hirst piece hanging on the wall.

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      Thanks so much - the place looked beautiful! However, hostess declined saying that a party of 8 would feel overwhelmed in the room. Pity - but i'd love to dine there.

    2. Michael's in Santa Monica has fine art on display. They also have a beautiful patio. Perhaps, cocktails could be indoors near the art and dinner outdoors. Lovely venue.

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        Michael's also has a very nice private room upstairs. However, I'm not sure there's any art in the room.

      2. You could really spice it up by doing a field trip to Picasso at the Bellagio in Vegas!

        1. You might want to consider taking a large table in the garden at Cafe Pinot. It's in the shadow of LA's iconic downtown library which just happens to open into the garden. The library has a fantastic archive..

          Food is good, wine selection, too. A sunset meal in the garden easily evolves into a memorable urban snapshot.

          1. There won't be art in the room, but does The Restaurant at the Getty have a private room? You'll certainly be *close* to a lot of art....

            1. No private room, but from the patio of Ray and Stark's @ LACMA, you'll have a view of Chris Burden's striking Urban light and in the distance on the other side, you can see Heizer's Levitated Mass (which I admit not everyone considers art...) plus you're of course surrounded by the art inside the museum. Excellent food and drink. I believe they should be able to push tables together to create a nice space for you on patio.

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                "...you can see Heizer's Levitated Mass (which I admit not everyone considers art...)"

                Hey, if Whistler's Mother is art and Robert Motherwell produces art then Mother Nature can be an artist too! (g)

                1. Thanks all for your recommendations! I like the idea of dinner at Ray+Stark but fear it may be a bit too casual. Pinot is likely the top contender - looking into the Getty and Melisse now.

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                    FYI The Getty is only open for dinner on Saturday nights but does server lunch everyday the Getty is open and brunch on the weekends . Good food.