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Jul 19, 2013 09:39 AM

Looking for restaurant with fine arts display and private room

Hi all: a friend of mine is hosting his monthly book club meeting and would like a restaurant to tie in to the book they'll be discussing. They're reading 'The Value of Art' by Michael Findlay. It's a group of businessmen/CEOs, so the preference is for a restaurant on the mid to upscale side, private room/patio ideal. Located on the west side or central LA, please. ANy ideas?

(I did a search on Yelp and came across Tamayo's as a start...)

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  1. Cecconi's in West Hollywood has a private room called the Butterfly Room, named after the giant Damien Hirst piece hanging on the wall.

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      Thanks so much - the place looked beautiful! However, hostess declined saying that a party of 8 would feel overwhelmed in the room. Pity - but i'd love to dine there.

    2. Michael's in Santa Monica has fine art on display. They also have a beautiful patio. Perhaps, cocktails could be indoors near the art and dinner outdoors. Lovely venue.

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        Michael's also has a very nice private room upstairs. However, I'm not sure there's any art in the room.

      2. You could really spice it up by doing a field trip to Picasso at the Bellagio in Vegas!

        1. You might want to consider taking a large table in the garden at Cafe Pinot. It's in the shadow of LA's iconic downtown library which just happens to open into the garden. The library has a fantastic archive..

          Food is good, wine selection, too. A sunset meal in the garden easily evolves into a memorable urban snapshot.

          1. There won't be art in the room, but does The Restaurant at the Getty have a private room? You'll certainly be *close* to a lot of art....