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Jul 19, 2013 08:44 AM

Beautiful restaurant, mid-priced, good atmosphere?

Hello LV board. I'm looking for dinner recommendations for a girls night/ 30th birthday. There will be 4 of us, one of whom is an interior designer and appreciates beautiful (over the top vs subtle) spaces. We would prefer somewhere on the Strip (or slightly off, like the Palms). We don't want to break the bank - $100 with tax and tip but without drinks would be great. Celebratory/lively atmosphere vs. romantic/reserved preferred. Aesthetics, atmosphere and drinks as important as food. Any cuisine.

Location at Mandalay Bay/TheHotel, Wynn/Encore, or Aria a bonus.

For frame of reference, I have been to the following and none quite fit the bill: Picasso, Aureole, Alize, Emeril's Fish House, Delmonico, The Palm, Canaletto, Craftsteak, Mon ami gabi.

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  1. Sage might fit the bill. They have a $59 3 course early menu (5-7 pm). I'm not an interior designer, but I thought the interior was very nice and I think the food and price are what you are looking for. For reference, I have only been to Delmonico of the ones on your list and Sage is much nicer on the inside. Located in Aria.

    1. I love Sage as well, but not sure it fits the 'celebratory' part of the bill (although it is lovely). You might look at STK in the Cosmo (the Cosmo should definitely be on your radar for a cocktail at the Chandelier bar anyway; Jaleo is very fun, but probably does not meet the other criteria.
      Rick Moonen just opened a very edgy new place in the Mandalay, a 'steampunk tapas bar' with a very interesting menu and cocktails; I've not been yet, but it is certainly over the top from a decor standpoing (from peering in from the outside). It's definitely not subtle. Might be worth checking out; early reviews have been pretty positive.

      1. I will probably be eviscerated for this, but check out Javier's at Aria. It meets your criteria and the decor is spectacular.

        This chain(let) started out as a little Mexican place in Laguna Beach CA back in the 90s, expanded to Newport Coast (a scene if there ever was one) and LV is their latest.

        Top quality ingredients, decent food.

        Lots of pictures on Yelp.

        1. Hi....Here's one to consider for location, atmosphere, fun...and serious, outstanding, and innovative cuisine. The Border Grill of Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger at Mandalay Bay. While I really think that the brunch here is one of the top 2 or 3 in Las Vegas, anytime can be the right time to experience the creativity and intense flavors created daily....and the bar is top-notch.