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Jul 19, 2013 07:22 AM

Chagall Bistro WAKE UP NY!!!!


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Hear hear!! I just went there for brunch this weekend--everything was delicious, creative, and satisfying. The atmosphere is always delightful and pleasant, waitstaff friendly and attentive, the room is beautiful...For brunch, we ordered the breakfast pre-fixe, which comes with an egg dish, coffee, juice and a bread basket. The bread basket turned out to be a plate full of breads, croissants and pastries served with jam, butter and honey--a full breakfast course on its own! The eggs (we ordered a twist on eggs benedict with salmon and a shakshouka-like eggs in tomato sauce dish) were cooked perfectly. It's impossible not to walk away with a smile on your face. (Oh, and there is an awesome farmer's market next door on Sundays.)

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        So 2 of you are enthused, but neither bothered to tell us readers where the restaurant is? NY is a big city/state. I might take an hour ride for Sunday breakfast, but wouldn't shlep to the south shore/5 towns.

        I did look at the website and they should be ashamed, Until I clicked on contact us I didn't see their address.

        SO, PLEASE if you post about a restaurant and the OP neglected to give an address or neighborhood, you let us know.

            1. re: Moishefrompardes

              Moishe, Thanks, as I posted I did find it when I finally clicked the contact us tab on the website. Whatev er amount of money they paid to have the website done was thrown out money. If a customer can't find out how to spend money at your business on the first page of a website, the chances are it won't happen.
              Next Sunday morning I have to make annual Brooklyn cemetery run to check the great-great grandparents graves, I might check this out. BUT if I do the run in the afternoon, I'll be at Pardes for supper. Up to the cousins to coordinate the shedule. The following week MT. Hebron in Queens, then a week later Beth Moses in Suffolk. My parents left NY in 1952 and stil I have the obligation to check the graves and maintenance. I gues it better than the trip my older sister just made to Belarus to check the pre 1872 graves. She had to pack along all her own food.

              1. re: bagelman01

                Wow, that is so beautiful that you do this for your family!

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              Sound's like a true French/Israeli Breakfast. Wonder if Brunch is Kid friendly. My kids love to try new things.

              1. re: Yoni67

                Definitely kid-friendly at brunch. (Most people there when I went had a baby or little kid!) If you go early-ish, it is pretty quiet and you will have room for a stroller.

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                  Fabulous. My kids as odd as it sounds are Foodies They love to taste.

            2. Fabulous experience there as well. Love the young family owners and their take on a true kosher French Bistro,

              1. Was finally there yesterday from 5-8 for a family birthday celebration.
                On 5th Street itself, they have a separate entrance and a private party room. I think on the website it is alluded to as their lounge. It is decorated as a shabby chic French Bistro (by the previous owners and still has their name 'Belleville" runnning up the wall. It has a bar and can seat about 40 for dinner.
                We were just under 40 including young children (4 generations of family).

                A set 3 course menu was planned with choices in each category and wine and soda service at the bar, and at the tables during the meal.

                As we were being seated they brought out trays with a homemade guacamole dip and toasted slices of a rustic French bread. The guacamole was delicious and whipped and light similar to a mousse.

                There were three passed appetizers during the socializing time. Stacked cubes of smoked salmon with a lemon coulis, mini sq pastrami sandwiches and mini room temp spinach soufles. The smoked salmon and pastrami looked like colorful petit fours. All were excellent and more made available than anyone could eat.

                For starters there was a choice of Long Island Corn Veloute with Black trumpet mushrooms or a Vegetable Salad with a Ginger dijon shallot vinaigrette (their spelling). The sald portions could have easily served three people.

                Mrs. B and I both chose the soup. We were presented with a large preheated soup crock with the mushrooms in the center and then a waiter poured the Veloute from glass coffee pots. It was one of the most flavorful soups I have ever eaten. Neither of us bothered adding the briche coutons that were on the side. I added a bit of black pepper, but Mrs. B did not find the need to adjust the seasonings.

                During this time they served the little children plates of pasta to keep them occupied, A three piece string esemble played throughout the evening, but was just enjoyable background music, soft enough not to interfere with conversation.

                Four main course choices were available. Mrs. B chose the Vegetarian Couscous with Herb Roasted vegetables, olives, raisins and a harissa broth. It was very tasty, but I did not care for the 'flowery' aroma.

                I had the rib eye steak that came with a brandy pepper sauce and the home made pomme frites. I was told that the steaks would be prepared medium rare, but they were a bit more well, it is hard to serve steak to a group and have it be red. The steak and sauce was delicious and the pomme frites reminded me of the ones I use to have in Paris more than 40 years ago, just no greasy brown paper bag.

                At this time they brought out platters of the fries and bowls of ketchup for the kids to munch while the adults ate.

                They offered a Potato crusted Salmon that looked both lovely and a large portion. I did not get the chance to speak to anyone who ate it, but nothing was left on the plates I saw being cleared.

                The fourth choice was a Rotisserie of organic chicken, with a fricasee of Haricot Vert, potato popover and natural jus. I did have a taste of a cousin's dish and it was done to a wonderful crisp and seasoned beautifully.

                Desserts were a choice of Creme Brulee or a golden Apple Tart. Mrs. B and I split one of each. Actually I only had a taste of each, but they served my tart with a dish of creme with mint leaves and a birthday candle. Although I was not the focus of my cousin's birthday party we share the same birthday and it was lovely to celebrate with the extended family. Mrs. B had thrown me a surprise party at home the night before.

                It was impossible to tell that the creme brulee or puff pastry of the apple tart were not made with real cream and butter.

                After dinner coffee was served, a real strong french brew with almond milk offered for those who use a whitener. I drank two cups black.

                Mrs. B. and I consumed a bit of Bartenura Moscato, that was clear and crisp and not overly sweet. It paired well with everything from the smoked salmon appetizer to my Rib Eye.

                All in all we had a lovely time and wonderful food that was executed beautifuly. Portions were large and the white china was very funky in shapes and sizes. The room and decorations are very interesting, but if you consider this location for a private party, it is NOT handicapped accessible. You must walk up 4 or 5 steps from the sidewalk to enter, and the single lavatory in the party room is, old, tiny, and unisex. None of this was an issue for us, but my cousin's 80+ year old mother needed much assistance to get in and out of the premises. We were lucky and found on street parking less than 200 feet from the door.

                I look forward to returning and exploring and sampling the full menu in the main restaurant.

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                1. re: bagelman01

                  That's a really useful review. i hadn't even realized that they had a private room.

                2. Anyone been recently? I am thinking about going for the first time for my anniversary this week. What do you recommend?

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                  1. re: israelbound

                    I was there last night. I would say the following. I traveled there from the UWS after hearing wonderful things about the place from others. The food was quite unusual. We especially liked the Chicken with Apricots and the Duck Patte. The ambiance was nice and quiet, as well. The staff was very attentive and polite. The owner even came over to try and be helpful. The desserts were imaginative and terrific. My one reservation was while my meat dish was superb, it could have been a bit more plentiful. Over all, I heartily recommend it.

                    1. re: Maven123

                      Thanks. Sounds like it's worth a shot. Last time we went out we went to pardes and although most of food was good and interesting, the wait was so long that I felt sick by the time the food came out. How was the parking in the area?

                      1. re: israelbound

                        I have never had that happen at Pardes, was there a special reason why you were waiting so long?

                        I should say that I like Chagall, but I would not make a special trip to eat there. I go if I have a reason to be nearby.

                        Pardes, on the other hand, is worth a journey. Okay, it's not like I have to book an airline reservation to eat there. But certainly for someone who loves great food it is worth the journey from, say, New Jersey or Philadelphia to eat dinner at Pardes.

                        1. re: israelbound

                          I went by public transportation from the UWS. It took me about one hour. I think Pardes is wonderful as well and perhaps the food is a little bit more exotic. I did,however, find Chagall much more relaxing.

                          1. re: Maven123

                            I find that the subway ride form UWS takes under an hour. ~50 minutes, off-rush, including change form the 1 to the 2/3 express.

                            1. re: AdinaA

                              2.25 hours by car from Connecticut but worth it

                        2. re: Maven123

                          Agreed Happy to hear My wife and I love it