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Jul 19, 2013 07:21 AM

What's casual and great in Williamsburg?

We're going to go to Il Giglio at Lady of Mount Carmel today with our daughters and I thought maybe we'd eat dinner in Williamsburg. I'm always readiing about these amazing places to eat there and we never get there. What are some delicious options that are kid friendly? And by kid friendly I mainly mean not fancy. My kids are pretty well-behaved, but we're going to be coming from a carnival, not dressed up, and not looking for a cool scene or anything. Thanks!

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    1. re: chompchomp

      Seconded. There are always a lot of families there, and the food is solid.

    2. Mable's Smokehouse for the BBQ Sampler.

        1. Not sure if Egg still does dinner services, but if so, it would be worth checking out—it's casual, family-friendly (crayons on the tables), and very tasty.

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          1. re: prolix

            Egg no longer serves dinner. Their sister restaurant, Parish Hall, is open for dinner but it's a more upscale menu in both price and and execution.