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Jul 19, 2013 06:32 AM

Bordeaux made approachable and understandable

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The article quotes Frédérique Lenoir, marketing manager at Yvon Mau, explaining “Bordeaux is so hard to understand, with complex vocabulary and often highly traditional visual cues. Yet our research confirmed that Bordeaux also has a world famous reputation and produces wines that are highly aspirational. Le Petit Grand is a wine that will bridge the gap between Bordeaux’s successful traditions and the modern demand for clarity of information and approachable wine styles.”

So, in other words, they're out to make "international-styled" Cabernet and Sauvignon Blanc, but want to continue to call it Bordeaux?

Hmmmmmm . . . .

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  1. What's difficult about Bordeaux? Awful lot easier than Burgundy.

    What visual clues are offered by labels that show a rabbit with the shadow of a lion or stag? Are these food pairing suggestions? WTFare they supposed to mean?

    Bordeaux brandnames are nothing new - think Mouton Cadet, Harveys No. 1, Berry Bros & Rudd's Good Ordinary Claret etc etc

    Price point of £9.99 is high, I expect to see it on supermarket bogofs or reduced to £4.99

    1. To me, Bordeaux wine is one of the easiest to buy and drink and usually tastiest, at least to me.
      Italian wines give me headache.

      1. While I appreciate the "clarity of information", I wonder at the need to make a frankenwine for the international market. Is this an attempt to sell to a new market or recoup losses from the traditional Bordeaux consumers? As one who drinks little French wine, my interest is merely academic.

        1. I forsee that the name "Bordeaux" on these attractively labeled bottles will do more to sell these wines than these wines will educate consumers about Bordeaux.

          A similar effort in my province produced wines in three colors called "Fruité Catalan." They're rather nice, but I don't think they educate anyone.