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Jul 19, 2013 06:23 AM

Which ice cream stands don't make their own?

Does anyone out there know which ice cream stands use Richardson's or another ice cream and do not make their own?
I know some stands say "homemade style" ice cream... I take that to mean they do not make their own and use someone else's.
I searched and couldn't find anything.

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  1. It's more something that you would see displayed when you go to the stand itself.

    I made my twice-yearly treat trek to Leavitts Ice Cream in Atkinson, NH and noticed the sign "Proudly serving Richardson's Ice Cream and Richie's Slush" over the service counter.

    Other stands, like Benson's in Boxford, make their own.

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    1. re: pinehurst

      I guess I'd like to know who is not making their own.

      Bedford Farms says "Homemade Style".

      Do they make their own or use someone else's?

      I know the obvious ones that make their own: Rancs, Toscanini's, Richardson's, Benson's(mmmmm....seasonal fruits), Kimball's, Erickson's, etc....

      1. re: maxevan

        Bedford Farms used to use Richardson's, but now make almost all of their own, though I think they may use Richardson's base for many of their flavors. I think the vanilla they end up with is one of the best around.
        On the website it does say "homemade style", not sure what that means, except that it's not made in a home, 'cause it also says:
        "2008 - Bedford Farms Ice Cream expanded its ice cream production into a new location behind our main Bedford stand at 18 North Rd. (located next to Callahan's Karate Studio). It is here where a lot of our homemade flavors are created and churned up for all the Bedford Farms fanatics!"

    2. Jays on Center St in Malden has Richardsons ice cream

      1. Not a stand but a shop behind the capital theater in Arlington servers richardson's ice cream

        1. I mentioned Flint Farm in Mansfield a while back and someone said they used Richardson's.

          1. Spadafora in Medford sells Richardson's