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Uncle Julio's coming to Plymouth Meeting Mall


Apparently the expansion of the PMM restaurant footprint continues, Uncle Julio's, a 17 resto chain from Texas, is expected to open in November. I'm trying to picture where they're going to put it...


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  1. "Uncle Julio’s will be built at the rear of the mall next to Macy’s, said attorney Mark Kozar, representing Uncle Julio’s of Pennsylvania LLC. The 17-unit restaurant chain is headquartered in Irving, Texas."

    Sounds like it might be close to where Whole Paycheck is maybe? or perhaps closer to the Movie theater? Its definitely not clear!

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      I know, right? it's already a PITA to get around the mall. I'm kind of annoyed they're adding on again.

    2. thanks for the news juju. Just wondering what a PMM restaurant footprint is? Best not to leave it to my imagination!

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        haha, didn't know how else to describe all the resto's they've added outside the mall. :)

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          Good question, carbs. An acronym for Plymouth Meeting Mall is a guess at the translation. Obvious I suppose but took me a while too.

        2. I saw them building it when I was there a few weeks ago. It is actually connected to the mall, right next to the Charming Charlie entrance. Hard to explain, but it is on the opposite side of the rest of the restaurants- you would keep driving past Macy's, around the other side.

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            Thanks Mag, I need to go to whole foods soon, I'm sure I'll see it then. :)

          2. Hmm, they should consider adding a multi-level parking deck rather than ANOTHER resto! it's a total PITA getting around that place, but can't argue with the variety they've put in there.

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              A variety of chain restaurants.. what more could you want?

            2. An article about another new retailer at the Mall prompted me to look at the PMM store map to see where they're putting new stores. Apparently Uncle Julio's is going into the space that was a furniture store before they began this whole renovation project - it fronts onto the courtyard between the Mall proper and Whole Foods. For some reason I thought it was going to be a new free standing building - which would be ridiculous - considering what a mess parking and traffic are now.

              1. Uncle Julio's is open, has anyone been?

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                  Thanks for the heads up ju ju. For some reason I thought the place was Italian. The menu looks mighty tasty but it might just be that I'm thinking warm sun with the weather we've been hit with. Would love to try it soon.

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                    We (me, my husband, and our 9-year-old) went two weeks ago and really enjoyed it. The service was friendly and efficient, and the food was fresh and tasty. We were seated near their tortilla-maker, which was entertaining to watch. I had a terrific chicken tortilla soup and very flavorful chicken tamales. Salsa is excellent as well. We will definitely be back.

                  2. We tried it and it's ok. We still prefer Plaza Azteca on Plymouth Road near the mall

                    1. Friends of ours (originally from Texas) went to Uncle J's last night. She reports that the guac is good, the enchiladas OK and that the tacos were not good. I don't have more details than that, as it came via text message and I haven't seen her to discuss.

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                        We got a lovely table there about a month ago. The staff was enthused and efficient. It was nice to be able to get a beer with my food. I was not expecting much but the guac was good and an additional container of hot fresh tortillas was offered and delivered fast.
                        Since el cactus in souderton is fairly close and byob if I want really tasty mexican I head there but Uncle Julio's is certainly one of the better choices in the area. Everytime I go to Costco I eye the gift cards and think about getting one for redstone but now I think if a good deal shows up for Uncle's I will snag that instead.

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                          I finally got to Uncle Julio's for dinner this week - what the HECK took me so long???

                          The tableside quac was so good, generous and totally hit a craving I didn't know I was having. :) My friend and I both ordered the fajitas - I had the "original" chicken which does not come with cheese, peppers or sour cream. Perfect for me, as I don't do dairy and I don't love peppers! the chicken was well seasoned, perfectly cooked and the tortillas were awesome. My friend really enjoyed her "especial" mixed fajitas of beef and chicken altho to me the beef looked a little tough. Our waiter was very good, giving us time to catch up over our sangria, and checking back to make sure we had enough tortillas. he even provided fresh tortillas, and chips and salsa to go with our leftovers. very nice. we'll be back.

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                            I need to get back there as well. Sounds like they haven't changed at all since the spring and that is a good thing juju.